‘Team Fortress 2’ adds new update, gets big player surge


Team Fortress 2 is getting spooky with its latest update, Scream Fortress XII. 13 years after the game launched, it still gets unbelievable traffic every time.

While Scream Fortress XII is not a particularly special event, players and bots alike fired up. The game recently got its highest concurrent player count ever. Team Fortress 2 is still a fun side title that gamers love replaying again and again.

Scream Fortress XII adds new maps, items

TF2 is one of the titles that people keep coming back to when they have nothing else to play. Much like Runescape, nobody retires from the game, but rather hibernate. Now, players are coming back for the new event.


Scream Fortress XII is not a big update at all, but these days, any update to TF2 is “big.” The event added four community maps, the Wicked Windfall case, and “updates to localization files.”

Some of the community maps added include King of the Hill maps Megalo and Moldergrove. Payload maps like Hassle Castle and Bloodwater are also added. Players can also enjoy war paints, taunts, effects, and a ton of Halloween hats.

Once players come into the game, players will receive a Soul Gargoyle if they don’t have it yet. There are several contracts that players can take in the community maps too.

Together with the Halloween content, a Manpower update also came to the game. It added a map and gameplay changes to the game mode, which is something of note for regular players.

TF2 got its peak concurrent player count

Team Fortress 2 had a steady decline in players over the years. Even then, the new event summoned back dormant players and bots alike.


SteamDB shows that the game received its top concurrent players of all time at 131,300 players. This event happened only a little more than a day ago, which is the same time the event started.

While it’s optimistic to think they’re all human, some of these are bots. Finding bots in the game is nothing new, and TF2 has a history of dealing with them.

Between April to June, the game had bots that flood the game with racist vitriol. Valve had to step in and update to stop them, but it was not enough to screen everything. Farm bots are still there to finish events, farm crates, and sell hats for 3 cents.

The Halloween event kicked off last night, so Valve still has time to clean up the game. Even then, the history of Team Fortress 2 with bots begs the question of when they’re coming back. It’s hard to name a better duo than TF2 and farm bots right now.

Images courtesy of Valve News Network/Youtube Screenshot 

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