Team Rocket Encounters are disabled in ‘Pokemon Go’

Players are reporting against bugs in Pokemon Go where team rocket encounters disrupt the entire game.

Pokemon Go is a famous Augmented Reality game that recently became popular for growing demand and hype from Twitch streamers. But the developers have come out with an unfortunate event as Pokemon Go players have to play the game without battling Team Rocket in a while.

Why did Niantic take this decision?

Niantic has decided to disable all the Pokemon Go Team Rocket encounters for players for the foreseeable future. This action was taken on a premise. Many Pokemon Go players have reportedly said that they started to face bugs while playing this game.

Niantic’s Support has tweeted about this issue. They have shared that they are working on the issue, and for further information, it shall be shared on their official Twitter handle.

The team’s issue is trying to fix right now has been happening in the game for a long while. Whenever a player tries to encounter Team Rocket, their app crashes during the match.

When participating in the battles, immediately sometimes, the players can get their screen frozen. Many of the Reddit users who play Pokemon Go have taken a screenshot of the issue and stated it on the platform. They have shared that the Pokemon Go Team Rocket balloons have also been disappearing from the game.

What has caused this issue?

The developers have shared that they are currently working on the solution, but they are unsure what has caused this issue. There is some unfortunate news to share with the Pokemon Go fans as well. Players don’t have a fixed timetable where they will be encountering the team anytime soon.

This comes off as sad news to mostly all players. Lately, Team Rocket has been offering a lot of new and instant features inside the game. With the Rocket’s help, Radar players could understand Giovanni’s location and then find him while defeating him in a match.

While this may come off as bad news for all, there are other things that Pokemon Go players can focus on. The new referral promotion feature of the game helps everyone to add their friends and collect points. It even helps new players to collect Stardust while they register.

The Spring event in Pokemon Go is well underway. Players are gearing up for the match that they are about to play. Also, new Pokemons will catch for players as it might help increase player’s collection.


Image courtesy of TechnicalGod001/YouTube

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