Team17 takes another shot at the survival genre with ‘The Survivalists’

The Survivalists promotional trailer snapshot

Team17, the publisher behind the popular strategy game, The Escapists, is coming up with another title on the same genre with The Survivalists.

The game is set to release on Oct. 9, 2020, on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, as well as a port to the Apple Arcade along the way. However, anyone who is interested in playing the game on Apple Arcade needs not to wait later than this year.

Like the highly-acclaimed “jail-breaking” title, The Escapists, The Survivalists see players in a procedurally-generated environment. But, this time, set in the wilderness, which pits the player against hostile elements while having access to an abundance of life-sustaining bounty.

A Purpose-Driven Experience

Being a goal-oriented game, players will also see themselves doing quests that give purpose to an otherwise repetitive game. While players can course through the game solo, the game is significantly easier when playing with others.

For that reason, players will have a choice between a single-player and multiplayer when going through the game from start to finish. The game enables multiplayer with up to three other players.

Playing with other players is also more fun since it allows them to trade with fellow players. This means giving better purpose to the game’s economics that sees one either doing so for altruistic reasons or personal gains.

It’s All About Survival

However, not to take its title lightly, the game is at its core truly about survival. Finding resources that can be turned to recipes is indeed pivotal in this purpose. But equally so is the ability to fend oneself against the game’s many unfriendly units. This gives a highlight to the crafting mechanics, which see players equipped with the right gear to survive the wild better.

Meanwhile, players who do not share the fondness that comes with playing with others can still enjoy a solo experience, but not necessarily alone in-game. As the island is replete with monkeys that have the ability to learn, the game allows for simian allies. Bright enough to be employed pragmatically, the Mimic System lets you teach your monkey companions essential skills. Such as building, fighting, and chopping trees.

There is indeed the novelty in having animals as companions but are smart enough to be of practical use. Which, for some logical reason, could make an ideal substitute for random human players. Although it will not be to the same extent, the experience would be worthwhile, nonetheless.

Image used courtesy of Team17/YouTube Screenshot

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