Techie builds personalized Nintendo Switch using replacement parts

Gaming consoles and accessories are scarce because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one player has managed build his own Nintendo Switch console.

With community quarantines keeping most of the people at home for an unknown amount of time. That being said people have turned to video games as a diversion from boredom.

 From catching Pokemon through Sword and Shield to living in a tropical paradise on Animal Crossing, the Nintendo Switch offers various interesting titles

It is no surprise that the console has been sold out across the globe. The situation made worse by hardware scarcity in China because they needed to shut down factories due to health concerns.

There is only one way to get a switch nowadays – to buy from scalpers who sell the console at unreasonably high prices. However, Imgur user Sarbaaz37 refused to pay these inflated prices and decided to create his own version of the Nintendo Switch.

Building the Switch

Sarbaaz37 wanted to buy a console but news broke out that the Nintendo Switch was out of stock due to influx of purchases.

He was enraged to find out that scalpers were selling units at extremely high prices ranging from $500-$600 (785AUD-940AUD) on sites like eBay and Craigslist.

He then decided to build his own version of the Nintendo Switch. He looked for all the essential parts needed from online auctions and Chinese second-hand sites.

The entire production only took over a month to complete including the searching of parts, bidding and wait time for the materials to be delivered from China.

His total bill only amounted at $200 (313AUD) which was even a lot cheaper compared to the Nintendo Switch consoles offered at mall price.

Detailing the build

He then released a write-up on Imgur with the complete details, images and full breakdown of the parts he used to build his own version of the Nintendo Switch.

All the parts needed to build the console were cheap and easy to find. Most were just at $10(15AUD) each except for the OEM Nintendo Switch logic board which costs $95(150AUD).

As mentioned, the instructions on how to build a Nintendo Switch were posted over Imgur. However, it is not that easy. Someone will need an in-depth understanding of electronics engineering and a bit of luck to be successful.

Yes, building a Nintendo Switch at home is surely challenging and satisfying. However, one can just always wait for Nintendo to boost production and buy a Nintendo Switch that is already been built.

All images used in this article courtesy of Sarbaaz37/Imgur Screenshots

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