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‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie McKee slams show editors and producers


Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee slammed the editors and producers of her reality show on MTV.

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee was not happy when MTV aired the funeral of her mom. According to the reality star, what was shown on TV was not how they are.

Teen Mom OG star complains about the show

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee shared her disappointment with the show editors and producers following the recent episode of her reality show, The Hollywood Gossip reported.

One of the things she complained about was her son’s bedroom. According to her, she always cleans her house. However, the show featured a messy bedroom, which was used to give the audience hopeless despair vibes.

“And I keep my house so clean especially when filming and they decided to make it a huge point tonight to show how messy the boys room was 1 month after my mom passed like cleaning was something that’s on my mind,” she wrote on social media.

“Ehh my heart hurts that this is even going to air,” McKee added.

Producers and editors ruined her mom’s funeral

The Teen Mom star’s mom Angie Douthit battled cancer for several years. However, she succumbed to the illness in December 2019.

Mackenzie McKee was expecting a good episode when Teen Mom OG featured the funeral of her mom. However, she was disappointed and even mad at what she saw.

“They filmed so much good stuff. With my mom, with Josh and I. And all that’s shown is the worst of the worst. That is not who we are,” she wrote.

According to McKee, her husband, Josh, dropped everything and moved in with her dad to help and support them while her mom was sick. However, the show didn’t publicize it and instead showed them fighting on the very episode of her mom’s funeral.

The episode aired the usual fights, dysfunctions, and high drama that viewers often see in Teen Mom. McKee was very unhappy that the episode she considered to be a tribute to her did not escape the usual format of the program.

“I’m sick to my stomach,” she wrote.

Mackenzie McKee’s fans cheered her up

The Teen Mom star’s posts against the show producers and editors on Twitter have since been deleted. Nevertheless, her fans left several messages to let her know that they understand her.

Kaitlin assured McKee that those who watched the episode were not judging her but cheering for her. They understand that she is grieving, and the process is different for everyone.

Another fan said that what they saw was a devastated girl going through the worst time in her life. Many wished that they could hug McKee because they knew it was what she needed at the time.

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