‘Tekken X Street Fighter’ was 30 percent into completion, but was cancelled

Street Fighter X Tekken Comic Con 2011 Cinematic Trailer snapshot

After long years of slow development, Tekken X Street Fighter is finally confirmed to be canceled. The authentication comes from two directors with relevant involvement in the venture.

Official word to the supposed project came to light during the San Diego Comic con 11 years ago. This is not to be confused with the two companies’ other collaborative project, Street Fighter X Tekken, which saw release in 2012. Which, with Capcom helming the undertaking, showcased a fighting mechanics similar to Street Fighter. Finding favor from the critics, the game was acclaimed for its presentation that is said to appeal to fans of both titles. Although cumulative user reviews, as seen in Metacritic, is less as commending.

Labeled in complete reverse, Tekken X Street Fighter was the Bandai Namco-led effort that promised a combat system similar to Tekken. Which is essential of a starkly different style. Like its Capcom counterpart, the game also meant to feature iconic characters from both franchises.


For the longest time since its initial announcement, there has been notion that TXSF remains an on-going project. One which Bandai Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada insists as the case. Following an interview by Gamespot in 2016, the director claimed that the project was in hiatus over an issue about not wanting “to split” two gaming communities. Conspicuously, referencing to fans of both Tekken and Street Fighter.

2019 came and Harada brought hope to the game’s continuing development, giving eagerly awaiting fans something to look forward to. But things became somewhat unclear following Bandai Namco’s recent success with the launch of Tekken 7 and its accompanying success. Not only has the game seen massive adoption after a multi-platform release, it also saw spotlight in the esports circle. That is, with it being a favorite title in the beat-‘em-up category, eventually giving rise to celebrities in the scene.

Dead Project

All hopes regarding the game’s future release, however, was put to the drain following latest revelation. In the recent episode in Harada’s Bar, where he spoke with other notable figures in the industry, both he and Tekken 7 director Kouhei Ikeda claim the game’s official status. As per their admittance, the developing title was already at 30 percent completion before ultimately becoming no more.

Both directors showed disappointment as they announced Tekken X Street Fighter’s cancellation. The two, however, iterate about being hard at work in wanting to deliver on the project, but simply did not become a feasibility. Those who are wondering at how the game would’ve looked like, the directors claim Tekken 7’s Akuma to be the closest experience.

Image used courtesy of Capcom USA/YouTube Screenshot

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