‘Tekken’s’ Kazuya Mishima coming to ‘Smash Bros Ultimate’ June 29


Kazuya Mishima will be part of Super Smash Bros Ultimate as its next DLC for Challenger Pack 10, which will be the penultimate character for the game.

Kazuya Mishima, as known to everyone, is part of the Tekken franchise. He’s joining the roster June 29, which should make him a superb character to play as. Even then, some people feel underwhelmed with the character reveal.

Kazuya not a popular choice

In the last E3 Nintendo Direct, the Japanese company revealed several upcoming titles for their platform. These include games like Metroid Dread and Breath of the Wild 2. Among these announcements was Challenger Pack 10.

Challenger Pack 10 revealed Kazuya, the wayward second generation of the Mishima Zaibatsu. With that said, Kazuya should add a level of extra depth, even if he’s not a crowd favorite. Smash players can start playing Kazuya starting June 29th.

Kazuya is the first Tekken character to come to Smash. Even then, he’s not the character most fans are requesting. Among the most requested characters include Rayman or even Waluigi. Kazuya is an ok addition but does not elicit a ton of hype.

With that said, Kazuya is a much better addition than Min Min from ARMS or Byleth. Even then, Heihachi, Mokujin, or even Gon could’ve been a better addition if it had to be Tekken.

Next SSBU character will be the last

Kazuya Mishima coming to SSBU is still better than a good chunk of other characters out there. Challenger Pack 10 will cost fans $5.99 when bought separately. If fans want to buy everything, the Fighter Pass should be of great value.

The Fighter Pass allows players to buy every DLC character out there. The value should be solid, considering Challenger Pack 11 will be the last one ever. Masahiro Sakurai noted that he will be stopping support for DLC after the next one this year.

Many studios want their characters to be a part of SSBU. For starters, Halo’s creators would love to have Master Chief in the game. Considering Microsoft had Minecraft Steve and Alex join in, nobody knows if he’ll be the last character.

Regardless, Nintendo should try its best to make sure they finish with a bang, rather than a wimper. Challenger Pack 11 should end on a big hype, considering the Sephiroth hype was the highest for the DLCs.

Kazuya Mishima is available in a few hours for Smash players everywhere. It’s best to tune in to learn more about the next, and likely the last, character to come for Smash.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo/Youtube Screenshot

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