Telegram launches some exciting features

Telegram develops new features for its user, including payment assistance, scheduling voice chats, and much more.

Telegram regularly introduces new features every several months. Consequently, now the chatting application is back with another update. It is likely to roll out changes to payments and voice chats.

The new Payment updates

Telegram is a famous mobile messaging application. The app recently saw a new spike in users following Facebook announcements regarding its changes to its WhatsApp messenger.

Firstly, the messaging app is now rolling out updates to its payment system. Accordingly, the app is enabling bots to accept payments without exiting the app. For instance, users can communicate to a Telegram bot to place an order for a pizza. 

“Commencing today,” Telegram announced in a blog column, “handlers can natively receive credit card payments in any chat. Although, this is after relying on eight combined third-party payment providers like Stripe.” 

The app alleges that it doesn’t collect payment data. Additionally, they also don’t take any commission from purchases.

The pros and cons of the update

Telegram’s latest developers’ recording lists support the following payment providers.

The providers are namely Stripe, Yandex. Money, LiqPay, Sberbank, Tranzzo, CLICK, Payme, and COMPANY.

The telecommunication chat app also aids Apple Pay as well as Google Pay. Although this depends on which platform the app is working on.

However, the main gimmick is that bots won’t accept payouts for digital assets and services for iOS users. Consequently, this clause is due to Apple’s particular requirement that all digital investments use its payment platform.

This platform also demands 15-30% of the seller. Google, in technical terms, has the same rule for apps from the Play Store.

Although, the company won’t start enforcing the condition till this September.

The intricacies in the Payment feature

The payout documentation also lists all the currencies that support the new payment feature.

Subsequently, the list includes the US Dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), British Pound (GPB), Russian Ruble (RUB), to name a few.

However, there are no cryptocurrencies that support the cause. Conclusively, the intent comes off as an exciting move as many other apps multiply on Bitcoin and other digital coins.

Thus, the move proves not to be a wrong one from Telegram. Although, the growing energy requirements from bitcoin mining are disastrous for the environment.

Other minor modifications by Telegram

Telegram’s modification also supplements the ability to schedule voice chats for later.

Consequently, the feature is similar to preparing a meeting in settings like Microsoft Teams or Slack. Additionally, a countdown clock is noticeable when a conversation takes place.

Thereby anyone in the group can obtain a push notification when it is to start.

The app is also rolling out two pilot web apps, pinch-to-zoom in pictures and an enhanced video player.


Image courtesy of PixelGRID/YouTube

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