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Telegram now allows you to import WhatsApp chats on iOS


With its newest version for iOS, the Telegram app now allows its users to import their chat history from WhatsApp. It includes group chats also.

As per The Verge, new Telegram version 7.4.1, on the iOS devices, has added the option of importing chat history from WhatsApp. It means that you won’t lose any of your conversations in case of permanently switching messaging apps.

The latest update has just arrived at the iPhone users. It will soon be released for Android devices as well.

Telegram witnessing more users

Along with WhatsApp, people can also import chat history from Line and KakaoTalk. The changelog of the new Telegram version informed on this. This new feature has arrived amid the already surging popularity of the instant messaging service.

Telegram recently witnessed its worldwide active user base crossing the mark of 500 million. And that’s obvious to decode why. After what happened due to WhatsApp’s privacy policy change notifications, everyone began to look for alternatives. Another rival app, Signal, gained a huge advantage due to this scenario. The end-to-end encrypted messaging app saw immense downloads across both iOS and Android platforms.

Speaking of Telegram and its new iOS update, it supports importing both individuals and group conversations for WhatsApp. Here’s how you can do this on your iPhone:

  • Open a conversation on WhatsApp. It can be a group or individual chat of your choice.
  • Tap the name of the contact on the top of the chat interface. It will open the info section.
  • Scroll down, and you will see the option saying “Export Chat.” Tapping it will open the iOS share sheet, in which you will be able to see Telegram. You have to choose a chat in the app in which you want to import your conversation history.

All the imported messages will show a label saying “Imported,” informing about when they were sent originally. You also get the options of whether you want to attach media along with the chat history or not.

The app recently introduced a feature that allows the users to report “fake groups or channels” attempting to impersonate famous figures/organizations.

WhatsApp facing a big challenge

Meanwhile, the Facebook-owned messaging service seems to be going through a lot of obstacles at the moment. Since the time it announced its new privacy policy, its registered users are always trying to switch to rival apps. Telegram and Signal are becoming the savior of those who cares a lot about their chat safety. This is the big reason why most of the people around the globe are moving to secure and better alternatives.

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