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Telegram to release latest version with voice chat scheduling


TestingCatalog has reported that a new feature is coming to the Telegram beta v7.7.0 release! The latest update will allow users to have scheduled voice messages at any time, so they’ll never be forgotten!

Telegram, the popular messaging app that came into the discussions to introduce a voice chat feature last year in December, introduced a voice chat facility.

The Telegram company is going to bring a new feature soon. With this feature’s help, users will now be able to schedule their voice chat in the latest beta version of the app, like Clubhouse. It is currently in the testing phase.

In the upcoming updated version of the app, users can schedule a special chat session or any important meeting with their friends just by sending a voice message at the desired time. At such time, users will be able to schedule the voice message so that it will not be forgotten. The voice chat feature was given in its last update, while it is now being updated.

Exciting feature: Pinning a voice chat on channels

Telegram users will be able to schedule a chat, users will get this special voice chat feature update in version V7.7.0. Its specialty is that you will be able to pin schedule voice chat in the channel so that it can draw attention to the channel members.

“Also, users will see a countdown, which will help the users remember the meeting. This highlight comes conveniently because contrarily, you will have to evoke and program this event in a manual way,” the official Telegram blog stated.

How to use Telegram Voice Chat Scheduling?

This way, you will be able to schedule a voice chat on Telegram. First of all, the app will have to update to the latest version, V7.7.0. Check if the app has already been updated or download it from the play store or App store based on your platform.

Once done, open the telegram channel that you manage. There is a stack of three dots that will appear on the inside top of the app. Tap on it to go to the channel settings. Now select the start voice chat option here. Now you have to click on the “schedule voice chat” option. After doing so, you have to select the time and date and click on the start button.

While Telegram experimented with this novel feature, the latest beta version permits users to change their name and description. At the same time, they are a member of a chat without moving away from the channel.

This has been appended as various users attempt to peruse other profiles while a chat, and users can edit their names to let mediators simply know them.

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