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Telegram will soon have group video calls for its 400 million users


Telegram announced recently that they have just reached 400 million users worldwide. They vouched to provide a user-friendly and secure video call feature soon as well.

Instant messaging became a big hit back in 2012. It almost obliterated the SMS industry had the latter not provided enticing promos and unlimited texting and calling features. At present, instant messaging is the go-to form of communication, but it is about change because of this pandemic.

People have been forced to work from home. The screen time on smartphones and mobile applications have been at an all time high. Families and friends are turning more to messaging apps to connect and update each other.

Due to this unprecedented period, the basics sought after for messaging apps are the instant messaging, secure end-to-end connections, and group video and voice calls.

Telegram to introduce a secure group video call feature

Last Saturday, the instant messaging app company announced a big milestone in its relatively short history. Telegram announced via their company page their 400 million users milestone.

They took the opportunity too to announce the newest features of the latest update. In a very playful and chiding tone, the company announced that they will have a new video call feature rolling out soon.

Telegram has always had end-to-end secure messaging, and they intend to take that into their future video call feature. According to their company release, present video call applications are either user-friendly or secure, but neither both. It would seem like the statement was directed to Zoom’s latest security debacle.

The feature may not be released soon based on the wording of Telegram. According to their statement, their users will be the first one to know so they should stop asking.

More features for more users

Telegram became famous because of their sticker gallery feature. Most of their users joined in on the fun to create their own stickers to evoke their emotions. As such, Telegram has a vast library of stickers accumulated in their seven years in existence. They are making that library accessible to all of their users with a powerful search feature.

Additionally, Telegram is also incentivizing learning among its users. They have dangled almost AU$ 672,000 for their users to make quick trivia quizzes in the ‘quiz mode‘ of its existing poll feature.

The company says that their users may create the simplest or the most complicated questions. The user who uploads the most answered question shall get a hefty cash reward from Telegram.

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