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Paul Wesley tweeted about his Community App account


The Tell Me A Story actor, Paul Wesley recently announced on Twitter that he joined the Community App. Moreover, the actor will personally answer all questions from fans.

Paul Wesley confirms that he will be communicating directly with fans on his recent account on Community App. Moreover,  the social media platform is the new Twitter of celebrities.

What is the Community App

The Community App is a text-based platform that allows celebrities to interact with their fans on a more personal level. Additionally, the app is reportedly more personal than Twitter and Instagram because it permits the fans to receive direct messages from their favorite celebrities and public figures.

The platform is founded by Matthew Peltier. In 2019, the platform started to gain celebrities following Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Venture investment in the start-up. Now, the Community App has over 500 member celebrities.

Some of the celebrities who joined the app are Paul McCartney, the Jonas brothers, Amy Schumer, and ten thousand more on the waitlist.  The app enables celebrities to invites a few fans to their gigs, projects, and incoming shows.

Peltier explained,

“We wanted to really start with culture because I think it’s something that really moves people, that they care about, that they’re motivated by.”

Paul Wesley announces on Twitter

The former Vampire Diaries actor announced on his official Twitter account his latest Community app involvement. Moreover, the actor said that he will personally message back to the fans. The video has the caption, Yo. Text me. 310 388 6760

Additionally, in the middle of the video, he was disrupted by his dog who seemingly cried, but is not shown in the camera. It appears that fans are more than happy to know that the actor is joining the Community App.  Some fans have even asked if  Wesley is going international with the app.

Paul Wesley’s canceled Tell Me A Story Series

Tell Me A Story is the recent TV series that the actor worked with. Although the first two seasons successfully gained viewers, CBS canceled the third installment. Fortunately, Tell Me A Story season 1 and 2 premieres in CW this month.

However, it is not yet clear if CW will renew the series for its third season. Fans are now clamoring for more of the series since it dropped a cliffhanger episode in the finale. Neither Wesley nor CW has confirmed any renewal status at the moment.

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder make their own Bourbon

Even in their time together on Vampire Diaries set, the brothers share the love of Bourbon. Hence, in September last year, the co-stars announced that they will make a Vampire Diaries-inspired Bourbon.

And now, they have finally revealed the brand name, Brother’s Bond. Obviously, the Salvatore brothers are the main reason for the inspiration. For eight years on Vampire Diaries, Wesley and Ian created a brotherly connection. Ian Somerhalder, who played Damon Salvatore shared on Twitter the recent release of the product.

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