Terahertz laser: The key to enhanced imaging

Scientists can create a high-power portable Terahertz Laser. The creation can improve sensing and imaging techniques in various hospitals.

The scientists of the university of waterloo are the ones to discover the high power Terahertz Laser.

Previously these lasers were fixed in laboratory settings, but now they are portable. Scientists can enhance the technology of terahertz lasers to tremendous extents.

The scientists can increase the initial temperature of the laser up to 250K. Also, they were able to compress the high power into a portable device. The device also contains a camera and a detector.

What is a Terahertz Laser?

The Terahertz Laser all the far-infrared laser emits electromagnetic radiation. A laser means light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The Terahertz Laser uses the far-infrared frequency band.

The far infrared frequency band is between 0.3 to 10THz. The uses of this laser are very vast. It is used in many industries, hospitals, and even in homes. The main feature of this laser is sensing, communicating, and imaging.

For example, it helps optical fibers to transmit light for proper communication. After that, it allows the microwave oven to transfer power from Magnetron to the cooking chamber. Also, it serves many medical purposes.

The invention

A team of professors was able to pull off this invention. They were able to embed the tiny chips in the semiconductor of the device. According to them, the higher operating temperature was the key to portability.

In addition to that, the scientists were able to create a leak-proof design. The electrons were not able to escape in the leak-proof design. So, the leak-proof design was this physical reason for higher temperatures.

The increase in the height of the barriers was preventing leakage. Any leakage of electrons was lowering the temperature. So, doubling of size created a leak-proof design.

Since 1991, MIT professor Quing Hu has been researching this topic. He took 11 years to create a Terahertz Laser. Since then, he’s working on those lasers to achieve the optimum power.

Benefits of the invention

This invention can provide a high power portable Terahertz Laser. Previously, these lasers were stuck to Laboratories. Now, they only measure a few millimeters. The laser has become very compact and innovative.

The invention has many benefits. Firstly, a compact laser can easily detect skin cancer. During a surgical procedure, a doctor can do a quick screening procedure. The laser can easily detect any cancer.

Secondly, it can also detect gases and drugs. Not only can the laser see-through Opaque objects, but it can also identify the substance. This will lower substance abuse and smuggling.

However, the Terahertz Laser needs a compact cooler to lower down the temperature. The increase in temperature can damage the product.

The scientists are looking forward to creating a laser that will not need a compact cooler. Soon they will create a laser that will automatically reach room temperature.

Image courtesy of Mike_shots/Shutterstock

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