Ternoa offers an exciting and unique way to earn NFTs

A new and unique way to acquire non-fungible tokens is here. 

The process involves completing a certain action of participating in a blockchain event wherein a token, called “Tiime”, is given out as a reward.

Ternoa, an NFT platform, is leading the charge on this relatively unexplored “experience space” and created the Tiime Engine. 

Tiime will be used to acquire NFTs on a marketplace developed by Ternoa called SecretNFT. 

Tiime cannot be availed anywhere else. It can only be earned exclusively on the Tiime Engine. 

It’s this kind of excitement and “challenge” that sets the token apart and gives it distinction. 

And there are surprises that await the lucky participants on Ternoa’s exclusive marketplace!

Tiime Engine provides NFT enthusiasts a chance to acquire tokens and help them get the NFTs they want through challenging yet fun missions. 

Tiime Tokens

New missions are available daily on the website, so users can gain more opportunities in earning Tiime Tokens by logging in every day to Tiime Engine’s platform. 

Users can also leverage the platform’s official social media accounts, which include Twitter and Instagram, to gain bonuses and increase their token earnings. 

But Tiime Engine resets its platform every end of the month, which means that tokens cannot be kept by users for more than a month and must be spent every purchasing event. 

To be able to keep using the platform, users will need to download and install the Ternoa Wallet so they can link up to the Tiime Engine.

How to acquire NFTs

The Tiime Engine platform holds a monthly event called “Happy Tiime,” wherein platform users can use their Tiime Tokens to purchase NFTs. 

This limited time frame adds to the excitement of the purchasing event while making it truly worthwhile since the NFTs provided by Tiime Engine are expected to increase in value in the future. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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