Ternoa: Providing the best of what blockchain can do (and more) 

Secure, flexible, and highly capable. Ternoa is built without any compromise in mind; it is a blockchain-powered ecosystem equipped with massive data storage, and transmissions with various protocols all protected with cutting-edge encryption. 

The system eliminates the need for any intermediaries just to transfer highly sensitive data such as wallet seeds, health and insurance data, personal messages, and images.

The security of data transfer is ensured with the use of multi-party cryptography and Intel Secured Guard Extension (SGX) technology, which adds additional layers of protection for the platform. 

A powerful platform deserves a powerful token

On top of Ternoa’s high-performance features, it also has an advanced token called $CAPS which is designed to provide a smooth and secured experience for platform users. 

Ternoa’s very own token is generated through the Ethereum-blockchain, one of the world’s most advanced and secured open-source blockchains to date. 

And to boost the productivity of $CAPS token, Ternoa has partnered with PancakeSwap to launch the $CAPS pool liquidity, which would give way for a convenient, low-cost, and trustless token swapping among users. 

Currently, the $CAPS token can be purchased on gate.io, Uniswap, and PancakeSwap, providing users with a wide range of options to manage their hard-earned assets. 

Binance picks Ternoa for elite group

Another milestone was achieved by Ternoa when it was selected by Binance NFT Marketplace to be part of the exclusive group of 100 specially selected NFT creators. 

This group is tasked to provide high-quality and immersive NFTs with the potential to revolutionize the rapidly expanding market of digital assets.

Ternoa’s selection is proof of the company’s vigorous and dynamic efforts to improve the capabilities of blockchain technology and allow more people to benefit from it. 

But the company isn’t done with its current developments and achievements. In fact, more exciting things are in the pipeline to provide an even greater experience for its users. 

For genuine updates about Ternoa’s latest offerings, you can check them out on Twitter and Telegram accounts to stay in the loop and never miss a beat.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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