Ternoa unveils alpha version of the SecretNFT Marketplace that allows artists to customize their NFTs


The non-fungible token (NFT) space has been getting a lot of attention lately with artworks selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. A new player has entered the scene with the Ternoa Blockchain’s recent launch of the alpha version of its SecretNFT Marketplace, its own platform dedicated to tokenized artworks.

Ternoa just unveiled the alpha version of its SecretNFT Marketplace for digital artworks. What set it apart from its peers are the tons of features available allowing artists to customize their NFTs to their hearts’ content.

Artists Can Customize Their NFTs

For instance, the platform has a “Secret” feature that allows artists to control the visibility of a particular NFT artwork. Once activated, the NFT will only be visible to the holder of the NFT.

Meanwhile, the “Protect” feature can be used to add uniqueness to the art. Once activated, it will place a watermark on the NFT when viewed by other parties. Only the NFT owner will be able to access the artwork in its entirety without the watermark.

The platform also offers the “Blur” function. As its name suggests, the NFT will be blurred once the feature is activated and only its owner will be able to see the work without the blurring effect.

SecretNFT platform interactive with Ternoa’s mobile wallet

At the moment, not many NFT platforms have accompanying smartphone app. However, that’s exactly one of the exciting features of the SecretNFT platform, a feature that makes it easier for users to discover other non-fungible tokens.

Ternoa already plans to introduce its mobile app in the coming weeks. The application will act as a gateway to the blockchain, which allows users to access Ternoa products such as the SecretNFT Marketplace.

The app will also arrive with its own crypto wallet for the blockchain’s native token CAPS, which will allow users to interact with other products. Cap token owners can also use its staking feature to generate passive income.

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