Terri Irwin furious at Bindi Irwin for refusing to sign a prenup: Rumor

Terri Irwin furious at Bindi Irwin for refusing to sign a prenup: Rumor

Terri Irwin is, allegedly, furious at Bindi Irwin for refusing to sign a prenup before she and Chandler Powell tied the knot.

According to New Idea, Terri Irwin has been convincing the couple to sign a prenup because this is the logical thing to do. However, she was unable to follow up on the document due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Terri Irwin still urging her daughter, son-in-law to sign a prenup

As such, the couple’s wedding pushed through. And there were, allegedly, plans for Powell and Bindi to sign their prenup after they tie the knot. But once again, the plans changed because the couple trusts each other too much.

“The mutual understanding was that he’d agree on one afterward, but he and Bindi are both saying there’s no need because she trusts him implicitly and there’s simply no scenario in which they’d ever wind up divorcing. That’s really upsetting Terri, who says it’s a question of formality and sheer common sense in today’s world – however happy they are right now,” the source said.

Money isn't an issue with Bindi Irwin, Chandler Powell 

Money isn’t an issue with Bindi Irwin, Chandler Powell

According to the insider, Bindi and Powell are also planning a much bigger wedding once it’s safe for them to have a huge gathering. But since the Dancing With the Stars winner is worth more than Powell, it’s highly likely for her to spend more.

Bindi doesn’t really mind because she just wants Powell to be by her side with everything that she’s doing. But Terri Irwin in unamused.

“Bindi couldn’t really care less about money as that’s not what she’s about in life. First and foremost, she’s married her soulmate and quite frankly she finds it vulgar and bizarre that they’d need a piece of paper to trust one another. She totally appreciates where her mom’s coming from, but stress is the last thing she needs when it’s supposed to be the happiest period in her life with a baby on the way,” the source said.

Terri Irwin, Bindi Irwin rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. New Idea is making it seem as though there’s a problem between Terri and Powell when there’s none.

It’s also unlikely for Terri to force Bindi and Powell to sign a prenup if this isn’t something that they want to do. They are adults after all.

This isn’t the only rumor surrounding the mother and daughter these days. Woman’s Day recently claimed that Terri Irwin and Bindi are struggling to get along while the latter is pregnant.

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