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Terrorist attack in Nice, France left three dead


France’s terror alert is raised to an emergency following a terrorist attack in the city of Nice.

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi confirmed that a terrorist attack took place in the city. The accused slit an elderly woman’s throat as she was praying. The mayor described the incident as near decapitation.

Estrosi also spoke about Islamo-fascism and described that the suspect was chanting “Allahu Akbar” as the action was happening. Shortly after the incident, the suspect was shot by the police and taken into custody.

On the same Thursday morning, two other similar incidents took place. One in France near Avignon, and the other in the French consulate of Saudi Arabia.

Multiple and violent incidents

In the incident in Nice, along with the elderly woman, two other victims in which one was a man and another woman fell prey to the accused. The man faced multiple stab wounds and succumbed to it.

After being stabbed multiple times, the third victim also escaped to a nearby cafe but could not be saved. The mayor further stated that while receiving medical treatment, the accused continued to chant the words “Allahu Akbar.”

The incident took place in the Notre Dame Basilica, the city’s main church. President Emmanuel Macron and anti-terror prosecutor Jean-François Ricard and Mgr Éric de Moulins-Beaufort, President of the French Bishops, reached the incident area.

In the incident in Saudi Arabia, a Saudi man was arrested for attacking a guard with a sharp tool at Jeddah’s French consulate. Back in France, another man was shot dead by the police in Avignon. It happened as the accused threatened the police officials with a handgun.

Raised security alerts

Following the incidents, France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex stated that the government’s response to the Nice attack would be firm and immediate. He further stated that the countries security alert level is raised to “emergency.”

It means a maximum level of vigilance is necessary in case of an imminent threat or attack. The police are yet to suggest a motive for the attacks. However, the country’s president defended the publication of cartoons that depicted the prophet, Mohammed.

Condemning and holding off the celebrations

It is also followed by protests from many countries asking to boycott French products. Many leaders and prime ministers of the neighboring countries expressed their sadness over the incident and declared solitude towards the country’s victims.

Pope Francis also issued a statement saying, “Terrorism and violence can never be accepted.” He added that the French people could react to evil with good. All the events took place just two weeks after the Samuel Paty attack.

The French Council of the Muslim Faith also condemned and asked all the Muslim citizens in France to cancel all the Mawlid festivities, which is usually celebrated from Oct. 29 to 30.

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