Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirms the latest autopilot upgrade

Tesla, owned by tech entrepreneur, Elon Musk has loaded its vehicles with the latest autopilot software upgrade.

Since its first launch of electric cars in 2008, Tesla has been working to provide people with electric cars. It is already known that the fossil fuels render a bad impact on the environment because of their emissions. Electric cars are supposed to surpass gasoline-based vehicles in the future.

However, Elon Musk’s Tesla cars are leaning towards cleaner energy development. The company believes that zero-emission can be achieved through switching from gasoline cars to electric ones. 

Tesla cars latest software update

Tesla has been working on the latest software update, Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control which are being rolled out for testing to a number of Tesla owners.  The latest version of Tesla’ s autopilot features is capable of stopping at red lights. However, Tesla drivers are discovering that the latest update also slows down on green lights.  

The latest software feature is designed to enable the electric car to recognise and respond to traffic lights and stop signs. The feature is still in beta mode and is not available to all Tesla cars at the moment. The beta mode is designed to progressively improve the car’s road intelligence by collecting data while the car is on the road. 

On the dashboard of the Tesla car, a visual prompt will appear as the car approaches the traffic light or an intersection. A message can read, “Stopping for traffic control in 300 ft. Use accelerator or cruise stalk to continue.”  

In addition, the latest update features improved driving visualization which is displayed in the dashboard. Objects on the road such as road markings and stop signs now appear on the screen.

Latest software update does not have self-driving capability

Although Tesla automobiles are capable of slowing and stopping at traffic lights, these are not self-driving cars. The driver has to acknowledge that the features of the software have limitations too.

Moreover, Tesla has explained that the new software is conservative, as the car will not immediately turn through intersections, and it often slows down. But with consistent driving, the car will improve its recognition performance. 

Tesla has also announced that even with the availability of the autopilot feature, the driver must be cautious. There might be instances where the car will not immediately stop at traffic signs. Hence, the driver must be ready to take on the breaks. 

Tesla hardware package 3 enables self-driving

Tesla car owners have also the option to acquire self-driving mode. Tesla has recently marketed its Hardware 3 package and the fully optioned Autopilot package for self-driving features.

The full self-driving capability is said to cost $7,000 on top of the car’s original price.

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 Image Courtesy of CBS This Morning/Youtube Screenshot

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