Tesla forced to recall back-to-work orders after extended lock down

Tesla takes the back seat with new orders of an extended lock down in California

Tesla abruptly asked their California based employees to stay put at home after announcing a return-to-work order earlier this week.

No one will be returning to work in Tesla on April 29 except for ‘minimum basic operations.’ The hot question among all lock down orders across the world is focuses on the essential industries.

The question begs to be answered because several industries are left to wonder whether they can operate or not. Essential industries are deemed to be those that are needed for basic daily necessities. These industries include food manufacturing, groceries, and delivery services.

Obviously, the list does not include manufacturing of cars. People in several cities across the world have been asked to stay home, and the need for cars are at an all time low.

Tesla red lights back to work orders

Tesla announced earlier this week that its California factory shall restart operations on April 29. Contrary to the reports, CNBC was able to get hold of an internal message that the opposite is true.

Tesla has apparently backtracked on its back to work announcement. The reversal of the orders came about after the local government announced that the lock down period will be extended from May 3 up until May 30.

The only factory of Tesla in the United States is located in a county affected by the extended lock down. The Alameda County Sheriff even pointed out that the reopening of the Tesla factory is non-essential. Therefore, the orders to return to work on April 29 is unfounded.

Chinese factories work six days a week

China has reportedly started its recovery phase from the pandemic. In fact, several companies have already reopened their operations to jump start the economy in the country. One of these operations include Tesla’s factory reopening.

Presently, Tesla’s factory in Shanghai, China works six days a week to manufacture key models for the company.

Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control software update

Over the weekend Tesla rolled out a new update in the AutoPilot feature of their cars. The update focuses on intelligent independent driving by Tesla cars that recognize stoplight signs.

The feature highlights the importance of early detection of red lights and fully stopping in intersections. The car will automatically decelerate as soon as it recognizes a red light stop sign. The driver on the wheels still has to step on the accelerator to move forward after the automatic deceleration.

Not all Tesla cars will get the feature. Only those that come with a ‘Hardware 3’ package and the fully optioned Autopilot package that the company has marketed as “full self-driving” may avail of this software update.

Image courtesy of Tesla/ Twitter

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