Tesla maintains silence after refunding ‘double-charged’ car customers

Tesla maintains silence after refunding 'double-charged' car customers

‘Double-charged’ Tesla car customers received their refunds about a week later.

Tesla has become the talk of the town these past few weeks following the duplicate charges reports. While the assertions continued to rise, the company has yet to release any statement regarding the issue.

On Wednesday, though, the “double-charged” customers confirmed that they already received their refunds from the electric car company. But, despite receiving their money back, as well as the additional concessions, some of the involved individuals, reportedly, had to pay for “overdraft fees.”

Tesla refunded the duplicate charges

Speaking to CNBC, six people stated that Tesla refunded the amount of the duplicate charges for new electric cars, which were purchased in mid-March. Alongside the refund, the company also gave $200 in credit at its dedicated and official online store.

The move took place about a week after the involved customers revealed what happened to the publication, according to Insider. As noted, they obtained their money back on or before April 1.

The overcharged customers, later on, received an email. The content mainly includes an apology from the company, as well as the details of the nearly AU$263 in-house credit.

As reported, the amount should be used in a single transaction. It will also expire on January 30, 2022, adding that the recipients may not spend it on Tesla Tequila.

Tesla refunded the duplicate charges

No clear explanation of what happened

Amid all the developments in the debacle, Tesla has yet to speak before the publicTech Times reported that the electric car company has never explained what went wrong or given any assurance that this would never happen again.

Similarly, other publications and outlets claimed to have reached out to the company for a comment. However, Tesla has since maintained its silence and seemingly handed out its apologies directly to the “double-charged” customers. 

Duplicate charges are common

The whole debacle emerged late last month when Southern California residents spoke to CNBC regarding their shock toward Tesla. Five individuals shared that the company had charged them twice after paying for brand-new Tesla electric cars.

The publication reviewed the records of the purchases, including the correspondence with the electric car company, bank statements, and motor vehicle purchase agreements to confirm the stories. Based on the figures, the amounts taken from the accounts ranged from AU$ 48,600 to AU$ 93,300 for the 2021 Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover SUV, respectively.

Following the reports, Dave Excell of Featurespace asserted that “duplicate charges are a common problem” in general, especially in banking and e-commerce. He did not, however, mention anything about Tesla or the issue about the double charges on the new cars. But, he advised consumers to “go back to the merchant and let them know an error occurred” when it happens, noting that it is the “easiest way” to do.


Images courtesy of Tesla/YouTube

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