Tesla’s Full Self-Driving option gets price hike

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving option will get a price increase on July 1. The current price of the option is $7,000.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shares Tesla’s Full Self-Driving option price hike information. He posted the announcement via Twitter on May 18, 2020.

Amount of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Package

Many people commended Tesla’s autopilot because of its impressive features. Although it may give a positive impression to some, there are also constructive criticisms of the company. The complete package currently costs $7,000 and will increase for more or less a thousand bucks after the price hike starting July 1 this year. 

Moreover, Elon Musk said that the value of the upgraded technology in its electric cars is around $100,000. He also announced that there is a possible continuity of price increase for its features. It occurs because of the regular technology upgrades to improve Tesla’s autopilot feature.

The CEO also gives out full support to vehicles that offer a self-driving option. He said that cars like Tesla might rule the roads in the coming years.

What comes with the full self-driving option

The full self-driving option depends on camera technology which covers the whole visual needs of the autopilot. In the current Tesla model, Eight cameras surround and support its self-driving feature. The car also has 12 ultrasonic sensors.

However, Tesla’s autopilot feature does not drive cars itself all the way. The self-driving or autopilot feature lets the car change lanes and parks in itself. Reports also say that Tesla will launch an autopilot feature allowing traffic signal recognition.

In addition, reports also say that Tesla developed a subscription service for its autopilot feature. “I think we will offer Full Self-Driving as a subscription service, but it will probably be towards the end of this year,” Musk stated. 

Tesla Autopilot Critics

Many people are also worried about the dangers and possibilities of autopilot features. Others claim that the feature might lead to accidents if drivers let cars drive fully without the driver’s immersion. 

There were hunch criticisms from possible consumers that were corrected by the management itself and cleared that Tesla’s autopilot feature does not mean that the car drives for itself. Drivers still need full awareness and attention when the autopilot feature is activated. 

Although, the Tesla autopilot feature allows the car to change lanes and parks by itself, the company urges people to still keep their eyes on the road. 

The Tesla CEO also addressed the criticism with regards to the inconsistency of the features pricing that people should expect price hikes. Price hikes will occur as they continue making improvements for upgrades of the autopilot feature in which he has cleared last year. 


Images courtesy of Pixabay / Pexels,  Bram Van Oost / Pexels


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