‘Tetris 99’ to see grace of ‘Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition’ this week

Tetris 99 collaborates with Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Tetris 99 is about to kick off another Maximus Cup and will give eager participants a chance to earn a unique crossover theme, involving the recently-released Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.

The event will officially begin on July 3 at 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET and will last until July 6, 11:59 PM PT.

A Time-based Challenge

Avid players of Tetris 99 should already know what to expect when the Maximus Cup rolls out later this week. But to the unaware, the Maximum Cup is a point-based competition that grades users for every unique challenge thrown at them, Tetris-style.

That means stacking uniquely shaped objects juxtaposed or atop another, with the goal of filling rows to score points. It also means surviving the hurdle given the duration of the time, all while making the best of unique situations.

Players with a competitive spirit can choose to participate in the event with the goal of emerging at the top. However, players who are merely in the event to claim the limited-time reward need only to garner 100 points before the event ends.

Free Online, Paid Offline

The game itself is free to download and play from the eShop. But the game requires an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play competitively against other players over the internet.

Therefore, any player who is keen on joining the 3-day event is required to have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription to join. This is considering the game’s online multiplayer aspect.

Alternatively, players can also choose to buy the “Big Block” DLC that gives players access to its offline modes. Not only will these features allow the player to play the game even without internet access, but it also serves as good practice, too.

Online Subscription Required

Individual membership for the Nintendo Switch Online varies depending on the duration of the subscription itself.

For an individual user who chooses to subscribe for no longer than one month should expect to spend $4. For twice the amount, or $8, subscribers will see an active subscription that lasts for three months. Alternatively, anyone can also choose to subscribe for a whole year for as little as $20.

Lastly, a group of eight can also choose to make a subscription for a whole year as a collective unit for only $35.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is a remake of the classic Wii title that saw revamping as well as additional contents. Fans of the Japanese role-playing genre should definitely check this out.

Image used courtesy of ZackScottGames/YouTube Screenshot

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