‘Tetris 99’s 21st Maximus Cup will be based on ‘Miitopia’

Tetris 21st Maximus Cup (Miitopia) gameplay trailer snapshot

Tetris 99’s up-and-coming 21st Maximus Cup will center around a Miitopia theme.

Since its release back in February 2019, Tetris 99 has been regularly giving audiences a fresh take to the popular puzzler. Coming in the form of a theme-based event called Maximus Cup, the game has had crossovers from multiple franchises to commemorate each occasion. All of which seemingly in reference to a Nintendo IP.

That is not to say that every Maximus Cup event is held in collaboration to a particular franchise, however. There had been previous online events that simply highlight the game’s own best qualities. Specifically, its engaging competitive multiplayer aspect that pits players against others under the constraints of time.

Previous and Upcoming Tie-ups

Last March, the game began the 20th Maximus Cup by collaborating with Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury. Which, as anticipated, featured unique elements found in the title.

It has been months since that event and Tetris 99 is already set to continue on the trend with yet another similar motif-based event. Beginning June 18 until 21, 2021, the 21st Maximus Cup will take its place and will revolve around Miitopia.

As is tradition, the event will feature music and visuals that are clearly reminiscent of the title. The choice of which coming in part of the celebration of the game’s recent release on the Switch. Getting the theme itself is fairly easy—players will only need to participate in the event, earn 100 points, and redeem it.

Simple But Rewarding Feat

Although skilled players will find the requirement to be simple to accomplish, even the worst performing can do the same. What the game essentially only requires is people’s enthusiasm in joining the online event. And the game does reward those who take the time to become a part of it with points.

Getting the theme does come with its own perks. One would imply of players getting another skin to add to their collection. Another is simply the ability to use it on matches outside of the Maximum Cup event itself.

Miitopia is arguably one of the best games released for the Switch this year, which was bound to generate fans. But being a remaster of an original 3DS title, the game’s popularity is already laid out even before its release. The successful port only set to fruition what the gaming community already knows, along with some further improvements. Seeing it becoming a part of Tetris 99’s upcoming event is only fitting and unsurprising.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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