‘Tetris’ celebrates 37th birthday with few surprising in-game secrets

Tetris celebrates its 37th birthday

As Tetris marks its 37 years in the market, its developer is revealing secrets never before seen in the franchise. But they will require a few significant efforts to claim.

Tetris originally saw release in 1984 for the Electronica 60 as made by Alexey Pajinov during the Soviet era. The game easily rose to popularity for its simple but engaging gameplay, which itself took inspiration after a pre-existing game, Pentominos. The engineer, Pajinov, was said to be a big fan of the puzzle board game.

Although the game itself has gone through multiple iterations throughout the years, the same core formula remains unchanged. Some of which simply incorporating the game’s mechanics with their existing franchises for unique appeal. Recent versions of Tetris, however, are known for their flashy special effects that add unique embellishment to the prominent puzzler. In particular, Tetris Effect which, as the title implies, is known for employing a dynamic range of aesthetics in the background.

With Tetris Effect currently dominating the market, the Tetris Company is focusing on it for its birthday. More specifically, by coming up and unveiling secrets are never before seen in a Tetris title.


In honor of the event, Tetris Company is releasing two secret levels. One of which is titled “1989,” which pays tribute to the franchise’s historical milestone—its release on the Nintendo Game Boy. Players who participate in the Weekend Ritual take part in an event that unlocks an Effect Mode depicting visuals in that era. This particular method only enables the effect for a limited-time period, however—no longer than the 24-hour timeframe of the Weekend Ritual. But those seeking to use it for longer or even permanently, will only have to reach level 50 for it.


Known as the date when the first Tetris was first conceived in digital format, 1984 is yet another secret level. But unlocking this hidden level requires a different approach than its alternate. This one specifically requires the use of an external keyboard or a chat pad on the console.

To begin the step towards unlocking “1984,” players would need to press a series of buttons at the title screen. The button combinations will vary a little, depending on which gamepad is used. Those using a PlayStation controller will need to push the following in exact order: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X. Alternatively, those using an Xbox or Oculus controller will have to press the following: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.

Once successful, a weird screen will appear. Using the essential keyboard or chat pad, key in Tetris’ birth date in number format: “06061984”.

Image used courtesy of Tetris

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