‘Tetris Effect: Connected’: Will it be worth the Holiday purchase?

'Tetris Effect: Connected': Will it be worth the Holiday purchase?

With all the great games slated for release this holiday alongside the next-gen consoles, can Tetris Effect: Connected compete?

The tile-matching video game franchise has come along way since. It has been quite the classic. Somehow, game developers were still able to twist the game into something new with Tetris Effect: Connected. 

What all the viewers of last week’s Xbox Series X Games showcase can all agree on is that the game’s trailer release was quite emotional. With people holding an Xbox console, some sitting beside their loved ones, playing the game.

It gave a very important message that Tetris is a game for all ages, and this time, it can now be played with friends and family.

Tetris Effect: Connected game details

Tetris Effect: Connected is dubbed as the “ultimate incarnation” of the Tetris Effect. Initially, it’ll be made exclusive to the Xbox platforms—Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Xbox Game Pass, and through Smart Delivery programs.

The biggest features to expect are the multiplayer and the co-op modes of play. As also seen in the trailer, players can now compete up to three of them in a game, either locally or online.

There will always be ranked and classic modes. So, it wouldn’t be very surprising if eSports tournaments will arise from this very addicting game.

Cross-platform between PC and Xbox will be fully supported. This is all in addition to the already existing Tetris Effect game journey, per The Verge

'Tetris Effect: Connected': Will it be worth the Holiday purchase?

Producer and Enhance Founder Tetsuya Mizuguchi says:

“But we also kept hearing that players wanted to share that experience with others. We want that, too—and especially as the world continues to adapt to unprecedented forms of isolation, it felt like a worthy challenge. Tetris Effect: Connected is our attempt to do just that: connect all different types of people, in cooperation or competition, via our universal love of Tetris.”

But will it be worth the purchase?

There is so much hype to the game. However, there is quite the competition out there and a thinning wallet of the paying public, considering all are set for the holiday release.

There is still no recent update as to how much the game will be. So, we can’t say for a certain if the price will be worth the experience. There are many co-op and multiplayer titles up for release as well.

To name a few, highly-anticipated titles such as Marvel’s Avengers and Cyberpunk 2077 are slated for a September and November release, respectively.

Tetris Effect: Connected will also be released within the same launch window of its fellow Xbox game title, Halo Infinite

Although the games mentioned are coming from different game genres, but many console owners or PC gamers may already have certain titles in mind.

Nevertheless, what the tile-matching puzzle game extraordinaire has as an advantage above all is that it is a great game for the family this Christmas. It can be played by all family members, young and old.

So fathers and mothers might not mind the extra few dollars to keep the family entertained this Holiday season.

The people on Reddit have already expressed their excitement to get the game. For those who already have Tetris Effect, they are looking forward to this massive DLC.

Right now, Tetris Effect is on sale on the PlayStation store for 50% off, which will only be offered until August 22. For PC, players can get the game on the Epic Games Store for 20% off, with the sale ending on August 8. For a VR experience of the game, the Oculus Store is offering it at US$29.99[AU$42.04].


Images [1] & [2] courtesy of Xbox

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