‘Tetris Primetime’ lets you play Tetris and earn massive cash prizes

Tetris Primetime show host, Millen Baird

Fans of Tetris will now have more than one reason to indulge in the habit of playing as N3TWORK introduces Tetris Primetime. It’s a program that puts the classic mobile game in live TV format, all the while awarding best-performing players in the pool.

With an annual budget of more than $1 million for the show, Primetime will appear on TV every night at 7:30. Although available only to select regions, everyone who is able to download the game is invited to join the program.

Individuals who would wish to join not only win prizes but can also reap certain prestige in appearing on TV, too.

Here’s the Host

To encourage everybody to participate in the cool program, a short trailer is released showcasing a bit about the program. In it shows program host Millen “Mills” Baird who gives a brief introduction as to the mechanics of the show.

Featuring three unique game modes, namely Royale, Together, and Marathon, Baird explains what each mode is to keep audiences up-to-speed.

Tetris Royale is a one-against-all feature that pits everyone against another, with only one player winning. There is a total of 100 players for this mode which makes for an exciting competition against a community of like-minded players.

Tetris Together drastically narrows down the competition by pitting only two players vis-à-vis on friendly competition. Expectedly, two individuals who know each other, such as between families and friends. The mode also features communication, too, via voice chat.

Last, but not the least, there is the Tetris Marathon that lets players experience the game in its most basic. Basically, a game mode for solo enjoyment, this feature lets players start and beat their own records for personal satisfaction.

Giving life to the program aside from the active participants is the aforementioned host, Mills, who will appear in the background.

A Timely Show

Although a project catered for viewer’s entertainment, it seems there is also another reason for Primetime. As per N3TWORK founder and CEO, Neil Young, the purpose of the platform is to innovate on the classic game. All while significantly making it rewarding to those who invest time in it.

As it appears, the company is targeting the veteran gamers of Tetris by putting their skills to the test in a competitive setting. A skill, which the company believes, they developed for years.

Aside from inciting the spirit of competition among its participants, the program also seeks to foster social interactions. Especially, in light of the ongoing pandemic that sees some parts of the world in quarantine.

Image used courtesy of Tetris Mobile/YouTube Screenshot

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