Tetsuya Nomura: Plot for ‘Final Fantasy X-3’ exists, though it’s “sleeping right now”

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster trailer snapshot

Those who think that Yuna’s story ended in Final Fantasy X-2 should rethink that thought right now. A plot for its potential sequel, Final Fantasy X-3, is already laid out, it just is not in development.

Final Fantasy is a franchise that can be confusing for many people. Despite following a chronological order under the same label, the series are not necessarily linked. This makes each entry significantly distinct from the others, but with the commonality over certain themes and naming (although, naming alone).

However, there are also outliers to that notion, such as in the case of Final Fantasy X and X-2. Consequently, kicking off a trend after Final Fantasy XIII made a similar approach by bringing forth its own sequels.

Not Yet Over, Probably

Yet, when fans think that Final Fantasy X-2 already ended when its credits rolled, then they might have thought wrong. In a recent interview with Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura by Famitsu, an interesting topic came to light, suggesting potential continuation to the subseries. Particularly, in how “Final Fantasy X-3’s” plot is already written. But it comes with a major caveat that the title in question is not necessarily in development right now.

 “It’s sleeping right now, but the plot itself does exist.”

How the likely sequel is going to continue where Final Fantasy X-2 left off is entirely dependent on its future creative team. But people can still have something to pick an idea from as to where it might be going. Owners of the HD Remaster will recall how the game included an audio storytelling dubbed Final Fantasy X-2 Will. It essentially narrates the events following FFX-2 and will probably be somewhere FFX-3 will pick up on and carry forward.

In the Distant Future

As promising as that sound like, people should hold off the idea of seeing it in fruition years from now. As it appears, Square Enix has top priority in bringing Final Fantasy VII Remake to its completion. Which, judging by the pacing of its development, could probably take years down the road. Longer still, perhaps, depending on how many installments are in place. The topic of developing another triple-A mainline Final Fantasy should alone take some years to accomplish, all things considered.

Adding to the notion of how a future Final Fantasy title will be made is FFX writer Kazushige Nojima. In his statement, he claims how they’ve had the chance to work with people who played Final Fantasy VII. And now, they plan on working with individuals who had experienced Final Fantasy X.

Although the statement itself is ambiguous, it’s quite apparent that it may be pertaining to two different generation of gamers-turned-game-developers. Or those groups of people who may adopted two diverse styles based on two unique experiences.

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