Texas Longhorn’s Morning Meltdown

Crypto rally within 3 months
By Texas Longhorn.

Just walked into a coffee shop to quickly grab a flat white.

Stood there and waited as a woman paid for her iced latte with a fifty dollar note, then collected a pocketful of change in return.

How stupid.


Why in 2018 are we carrying notes and coins around when we don’t have to?

You’d argue most of us use pay wave, and that’s the answer, not Bitcoin.

Sure… PayWave is better than using cash, but you’re still relying on that Aussie dollar holding value.

Which it won’t.

That iced latte cost that poor woman $4.70.

My old man could have filled up his Torana for that when he was my age.


Bitcoin can’t be printed like the Aussie dollar.

It won’t lose value like the Aussie dollar.

As I write this I become confused and angry as to why only 1% of the population understand this.


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