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Thailand to use blockchain to store court records


Thailand is forging ahead with its plans to permanently store all of the country’s court records using the blockchain technology.

The Thai Office of Courts of Justice, which oversees over 90% of the country’s courts, says it is expecting the move to the blockchain to be completed in 2021. The office says it has been working on the distributed ledger technology for some time.

Thailand looking to be on the cutting-edge

The actual details on the movement of judicial records to the blockchain are scarce. The announcement by the office does not specify what blockchain protocol will be used.

However, the move is not unexpected. Thailand has been putting considerable effort into increasing its technological footprint. The country plans on becoming the digital hub of Southeast Asia within the next ten years.

Dubbed the “Thailand 4.0” model, the country plans on concentrating on digital improvements that will enhance the quality of life for its citizens while promoting efficiency and productivity. To that end, the government of Thailand has identified five pillars of this new digital economy: hard and soft infrastructure, promotion and innovation, service infrastructure, and society and knowledge.

Increasing use of blockchain technology

Many countries in Asia are turning to blockchain technology to fulfill various needs. One area that distributed ledger technology is being used is to protect personal data from hackers as well as combat the use of forgeries.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is helping spur this development as many people are seeking to curtail person-to-person physical contact. An increasing number of schools are now using the blockchain to issue certificates of graduation.

Visitors to Jeju Island, a popular tourist destination in South Korea, are now required to download a blockchain-based app. This app is used to check into local businesses and tourist destinations, as well as providing tracking data to help fight the spread of COVID-19.

South Korea is also using an app powered by the blockchain to issue driver licenses. This particular app is also being used to cut down on underage drinking as the license is stored on the blockchain and is verified by the state.

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