‘The 100’ prequel: Showrunner Jason Rothenberg teases details on the spinoff

The apocalyptic sci-fi drama, The 100 season 7 recently aired its finale, but talks of the potential spinoff are very much alive. Furthermore, showrunner Jason Rothenberg teases some important details about The 100 prequel.

Having run from 2014 to 2020, The 100 finally came to an end. But fans are still hoping that there might be more developments in the series. The 100 season 7 have taken the characters to deadlier missions for the sake of humanity. Unfortunately, some characters didn’t live to see the happy ending, particularly Bellamy Blake, who got killed in the finale.

The finale episode takes Clarke to avenge her closest friend, Bellamy, and her grounder daughter, Madi. She unleashes her wrath towards Bill Cadogan, who extracted information from Madi’s brain, leaving her permanently brain-damaged.

“The 100” prequel is not yet certain

Early in May this year, The CW has confirmed two of its long-running series, The 100 and Arrow. Although a lot of fans were very much disappointed, CW President Mark Pedowitz claimed to revive the series.

Talking to TVLine, showrunner Rothenberg shared an update on the status of The 100 series. He said:

“The conversations are now happening at such a high level, they don’t include me. I hope to get a call one of these days and get some good news about it. I’d love to be able to continue those adventures. I love those actors and I love the world of the show so much.”

Although nothing is definite, one of the episodes in the seventh installment serves as the backdoor pilot for the spinoff. The episode titled, Anaconda, tells of a young rebel, Callie Cadogan, daughter of the villainous Bill Cadogan. This is the episode where the earth is completely destroyed by the nuclear bomb. Callie and her family have access to the bunker, therefore, keeping them alive.

Thus, the Anaconda episode introduces the origin of the ALIE 2 mind drive and the Nightblood serum, which Callie carried with her after leaving the shelter.

What to expect from “The 100” prequel

While Rothenberg waits for the green light, he has already made the material available for the next installment. The series takes place 97 years before the earth people travel to space. It will follow the story of a group of survivors on the ground.

Rothenberg also tells TVLine that at some point, the fans will able to see “Clarke’s great, great, great grandparents” who are also up there on the Ark. Besides, Bellamy and Raven’s ancestors will also be part of the plot.

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