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‘The 100’ season 7 returns to CW for finale season, Netflix presence uncertain


The popular post-apocalyptic series, The 100 has recently returned on CW for its seventh and final season.  However, fans are now wondering if the series will also land on Netflix.

After months of waiting, The 100 season 7 finally aired on May 20, and fans are now anticipating the revelations of the plot’s mysteries on Hope, the disappearance of Octavia and the Anomaly.

The series which debuted in March 2014 gained a lot of viewers. Now in its seventh season, The 100 is yet to unfold the characters’ survival. The series follows the story of a group of juveniles sent back to earth after 97 years in space.

The earth was destroyed by a nuclear conflict and wiped out almost all of humanity. When the spaceship landed on earth, the 100 juveniles will have to determine if the earth is liveable.

Their arrival on earth has alerted the many tribes who happened to survive the nuclear blast. Hence, their survival is not easily obtained.

Although The 100 airs its final season, CW has confirmed to develop a spinoff series which will be either a sequel or a prequel. CW President and CEO, Mark Pedowitz recently announced the possibility of the spinoff. Pedowitz said that the project is very much alive,

“They are very much in active discussions to see what we can do.I’ve had many discussions with Warner Bros, we have a strategy involved — hopefully we can pull it off.”

Will Netflix acquire The 100 season 7?

Currently,  The 100 is not available on all Netflix regions. In the US, Netflix will only air series if it has already concluded on CW. After the series concluded, Netflix will release the series after 8 days from its conclusion.

Furthermore, Netflix hints that The 100 season 7 will arrive on Netflix US in September or October 2020.

Will the spinoff series arrive on Netflix?

The upcoming spinoff of The 100 may not arrive on Netflix. The CW TV network ended its contract with Netflix last year. As a result, Netflix will have to purchase the titles individually.

The Warner Brothers company will also produce the spinoff together with showrunner Jason Rothenberg. This could mean that  The 100 spinoff could land on HBO Max. However, there is no verified information yet, and HBO nor CW has released any statement yet.

Will Netflix release The 100 on other regions?

There are regions that Netflix carries The 100 as original series. In this case, Canada, Netherlands, and other regions will see the series released every week. This development is a relief for subscribers outside the US.

In the previous years, episodes are dropped after it aired in the US. However, this is not case for Netflix Australia since The 100 season 6 is not yet released. Season 7 may arrive in 2021.

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