‘The 100’ season 7: Showrunner reveals emotional twist in the finale

The apocalyptic sci-fi series, The 100 season 7 is finally ending with the episode, The Last War, where Clark and the rest of the team have reached the final battle. With this, showrunner Jason Rothenberg teases the fans with an emotional finale.

The series which began in 2014 follows 100 kids who are raised in space and sent back to earth after 97 years. Destroyed by a nuclear war, the earth was perceived as unlivable. When their resources start to deplete, the leaders decide to take action. They send back the young ones to see if the earth is now habitable. Now, The 100 season 7 finale reveals epic battle and emotional scenes.

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg shares a glimpse of the finale

In a phone interview with Collider, Rothenberg shares how things might wrap up in the finale. He said:

“Well, there definitely will be tears. Hopefully, there will be some cheers. I’m hoping that people will be surprised by certain things, maybe some people that they haven’t seen in a while. They should expect some spectacle and scope as our finales are want to do and this is no exception. And I feel like they should expect some closure to the story, as well, and not be left feeling like too much is untold.”

Aside from that, Rothenberg also mentioned that the finale would feature special guests. Although, he stood silent as to who will appear in the finale. According to him:

“We’re going to try and wrap up as many things as we can,” he said. “It’s a finale – and it’s a series finale on top of that – so there will be some surprise wguests.”

Will there be an eighth season of “The 100”?

Unfortunately, The 100 season 7 will be the last of the series.  Last year in August, Rothenberg dropped the news on Twitter ahead of season 6’s finale. On the contrary, not everything is lost for the avid fans because talks of the series’ spinoff are much a consideration for Rothenberg and the CW.

Back in May this year, the opportunity of developing a spinoff series is high. CW President, Mark Pedowitz considers the project as “very much alive”.  With this in mind,  The 100 spinoff may just be waiting for the green light. Although this may be true, the pandemic has caused so much delay on most of the TV and film productions. Thus, as of the moment, The 100 prequel is currently in the state of limbo.

Image Courtesy of CW Network/YouTube Screenshot

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