The 4 best TV shows to watch on Netflix

If you are a die-hard fan of Netflix and want to binge-watch a whole bunch of series, then welcome to the list of best shows that you might have missed.

Netflix is the only online OTTs streamer that periodically changes up its line-up of programs but sticks around the original creation a lot.

These originals are created by excellent creators, provided with big Netflix budgets to develop the superb plotline and series. The freedom to experiment and give the best out of the rest is what these Netflix creators aspire for.

They are always ready for something weird and wonderful creation. Hopefully, you will find a hidden gem or two other than the Dark series on your radar to keep you entertained with on Netflix.


Kingdom revolves around a zombie horror plot in the Joseon period. The story is quite interesting as the political conspiracy and the tactics, along with the taste of horror, makes Kingdom a worth watching series.

Season 1 of this series involves Crown Lee Chang covered in a political conspiracy as he is not ready to investigate the reason for the mysterious plague. He is swept up in a life or death thriller, in addition to his royal legacy at stake.


Criminal is a series of police procedurals. Set in the background of different countries and languages – Spanish, French, German, English – this show consists of several police procedures that the authority has to perceive while declaring someone guilty.

The Criminal gives an insight into cat-and-mouse interrogations, which is followed by a final decision. The marvelous acting and tight script make this series a binge-watch concept.


Series that requires a third season. David Fincher directs a stash of episodes in this psychological and crime thriller show, sprawling for two seasons till now. The detailed visuals and captivating storyline give this show a grip and a fantastic conclusion.

Holden Ford, a special agent of the FBI, sent to interview some of the top criminals in prison to build a profile that can make them extraordinary. Cameron Britton, as real-life serial killer Ed Kemper is relaxed.

Mindhunter is more progressive than those of everyday crime and thriller shows. The complex characters make the show more complex and exciting to watch.

Sex Education

The show is a no-brainer. John Hughes, the director of this show, depicts a boozy ambiance of both American and British High School culture. The story revolves around Otis, the son of a sex therapist, curious to know about his sexual awakening.

The sexual content and conversation are put together more refreshingly and interestingly. Developed around various characters with different individual charisma, Netflix needs to bring this series’s third season.

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