‘The A Word’: Is the series being renewed for season 4?

The A Word

The A Word just finished its third run, but fans are already asking for a season 4. After an emotional finale, questions of renewal started surfacing.

The A Word is a BBC drama television series that first aired in March 2016. Four years after it first premiered, it has spawned three seasons already.

It just ended its third series on Tuesday, June 9. Now the question is, is it going to have another run? Is BBC planning to renew the show?

No announcement yet

According to reports, The A Word season 4 is still not yet announced at the moment. Its home network has yet to confirm if they are going to return for more episodes and continue the story of the life of the Hughe family.

Fans are crossing their fingers that BBC will give a green light for season 4, especially since the latest season finale ended on a dramatic note.

Many also applauded the series for doing a job well done and for giving its viewers a story that touched their hearts while watching it. Some even commented that it deserves an award for having a “brilliant” storyline overall.

It’s noted though that some fans think that the season “wrapped up” the show neatly that it may just be the last. Nothing is certain for now, and all that fans can do is wait until BBC announces an update.

Season 3 finale

The reason why so many fans clamored for a season 4 was because of the third season’s very heartwarming ending.

Rebecca (Molly Wright) gave birth to her first child, but as expected, it came with a twist that everyone loved so much. It was a scene that many appreciated, and the majority thinks it was because of Joe (Max Vento).

Rebecca was visiting at her little brother’s school to teach his class about pregnancy. She has been worried about giving birth, but that trip to the school allowed her to unload some of her concerns.

Things turned around, though, when she suddenly felt stomach pains while heading back from Manchester to Lake District. She realized she was going into labor, and no one else was there aside from a frightened Joe.

Thankfully, Joe wandered down the road and found a couple in another car. They were then able to track down Rebecca and got her the help she needed.

With Joe’s help, Rebecca was able to safely deliver her baby girl. The new mother named her baby Rosie.

Meanwhile, Alison (Morven Christie) and Paul’s (Lee Ingleby) respective budding relationships ended. Many thought that their breakups would lead to a reconciliation.

But none of that was shown. Instead, Alison and Paul vowed to help Rebecca with their new granddaughter.

Stay tuned for more updates on The A Word season 4.

Featured image courtesy of BBC Trailers/YouTube screenshot


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