The adventure of Tanjiro in Mugen Train: What fans have to say


Since the debut of the anime manga, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, all eyes have turned to Tanjiro. Its importance is difficult to overstate, but it remains one of the top-sellers in the industry.

Tanjiro and his friends’ adventures in the first season of the manga series is quite a hype for many. The tremendous effect was even made evident as it hit the big-screen debut and earned massive attention.

Earlier, it was announced that Demon Slayer: Mugen Train has shattered box office records. And based on the fans who have seen the film already, they say the film has outdone their wildest expectations.

Only in Japan, for now

To date, Japan is the only country screening Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Mugen Train.

However, the fans’ reviews are beginning to spill out about the film. And more fans are sharing their impressions. More of it, YourAnimeGuy, as stated by Comicbook, unveiled few reactions from the Japanese netizens.

A fan gushed after watching the film says that she cried so much that “she cried to death.” She continued that she has read the original story many times already. But she was caught defenseless with the outcome of the movie.

“My tear ducts would have been broken. They would have been irreparable.” She also said, “I got to see a lot of my Rengoku! He was strong and cool.”

Furthermore, a fan added that the movie was great from the beginning to the end. The visuals and the cast’s acting were terrific, and also the unusual excitement at the end.

The adventurous and fanatic parents

Moreover, aside from the standard age bracket who watches the movie, few parents also shared their reviews. A parent in Japan said they took their six-year-old to the event.

“We laughed and cried when we watched it,” they said. A parent also spilled that he was surprised to see the theater was packed with people on a weekday morning.

My six-year-old couldn’t stop outbursting her feelings for a while after it was over. I want to see the movie again.”

It is seen that the reception to the Demon Slayer film has been positive. And one can only tell if he could check out its box office in theaters.

Per Comicbook, Mugen Train has shattered records in the box office of Japan. The movie is now the country’s highest-grossing opening and opening weekend.

For its first three days, the film earned an impressive USD 43 million.

Image courtesy of AniplexUS/YouTube Screenshot

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