The ‘Arkham’ series inspired James Gunn’s ‘Suicide Squad’

It seems James Gunn is a vast Arkham fan as he just revealed that the series inspired him a lot for character design in The Suicide Squad.

Gunn said that Arkham titles significantly impacted his DC film during an interaction with a gaming outlet. For example, Harley Quinn’s costume in The Suicide Squad is based on Batman: Arkham City!

‘Arkham’ games are still iconic for the DC movies!

Arkham franchise is known for bringing a great combination of superhero action with gripping storytelling. All its installments are still termed one of the best for the list of exceptional gaming titles.

So it becomes evident for a person like James Gunn not to forget such an important and popular franchise, especially when he is himself a director of a DC film!

While talking to IGN about The Suicide Squad, he revealed that he took a lot of inspiration from Rocksteady’s Batman gaming series.

Revealing about the film’s details, he mentioned that Harley Quinn, in The Suicide Squad, will wear a costume straight out of Arkham City because it’s the most popular one amongst all the three games in the series.

So when you watch the movie, its first half will show Margot Robbie sporting that iconic costume.

Gunn said that out of all “various forms of media,” the one from Arkham City stood out the most when deciding Quinn’s outfit.

Red and black make this look iconic in the games and now in the upcoming movie.

The only new addition to the costume in the film is a Jacket.

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Upcoming DC-based video games

While the DCEU is moving ahead with its line-up of superhero films, the gaming section will also have new entries soon.

Last year, during the DC FanDome event, Warner Bros. introduced two new and upcoming video games. One is Gotham Knights, which is loosely based on the Arkham series itself. However, it’s not confirmed by the developing team.

The second and highly anticipated game is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. It will follow an alien invasion by Brainiac, who takes control of Justice League members.

Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang will be the main playable characters in the title.

What are your thoughts over the awaited DC games releasing in the coming months?

Are you excited about them or not?

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Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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