‘The Atooi Collection’ is finally getting a physical 3DS release

Cover art for 'The Atooi Collection'

After a long time of being exclusive as a digital-only release at the eShop, a collection of Atooi games, appropriately called The Atooi Collection, is finally getting a physical release.

There is no confirmation yet as to the date when the games will be hitting shelves. But it is definite that Limited Run Games will publish the game for Atooi.

As per Atooi, Nintendo already approved the collective title. But is still in the process of confirming other aspects for the release. Particularly, the labels and a few other things. Once approved, the game will then proceed to manufacturing and, finally, go on sale.

A Long, Mysterious Delay

The Atooi Collection is planned endeavor long time coming. The word about the game becoming a thing has been heard of as early as June 2019. Only to not hear an update about it, until only now.

Once the collection of games indeed becomes a finalized project, we can expect to see a handful of Atooi games in it. They will include Chicken Wiggle, Xeodrifter, Bomb Monkey, Mutant Mudds, and Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge.

While each of these titles are fun themselves, the marquee title in the list has got to be Mutant Mudds. An amusing platform shooting title with a nerd as its protagonist and a water gun as a primary weapon.

Originally a game developed by Renegade Kid, no title in the list did get follow-up treatment than Mutant Mudds. Bringing forth its enhanced version as well as a spin-off with Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge.

The 3DS’ Final Hurrah

The 3DS is pretty much already dead to both Japan and the United States already, with no game officially lined up after Persona Q2. Except for Europe that still has a single game pending for release.

The physical release of The Atooi Collection makes for a final hurrah for the beloved handheld. At least, to those in the United States to whom the physical release is intended.

That’s sad news for those in either Japan or Europe who find their console unable to run US game cartridges. No thanks to the Nintendo 3DS region-locking feature. Conversely, those 3DS owners in the United States can also not play games meant for the 3DS for either Japan or Europe.

In a follow-up tweet coming from Atooi’s official Twitter account, it claims that if the region-free cart were a choice, they would pursue it.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Atooi

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