The Aussie blockchain project that could revolutionise the agriculture industry

Picture: Blockgrain

When a couple of Aussie lads developed a Blockchain-based software solution for the nation’s grain industry, what did they call it?

Blockgrain, of course!

But while deciding a name for the business may have been easy, you can guarantee the project itself has been anything but. Imagine convincing old-school farmers and other industry stalwarts to embrace Bitcoin technology as a way to optimise their supply chain!

Picture: Blockgrain

What is BlockGrain?

BlockGrain aims to be a simple-to-use software solution that automates the sharing of information across supply chains for all major commodities, not just grain. In fact, this year, BlockGrain will be trialled within the fruit, livestock and wool industries.

The ultimate goal is to become the largest industry-wide platform for managing supply chains, connecting sellers and buyers and providing full traceability from “paddock-to-plate.”

National Roadshow

This week, the Blockgrain CEO, Caile Ditterich, is embarking on a national roadshow to promote Blockgrain’s Public Token Sale. The company has already raised $3.5M from their Private Token Sale, which is now closed.

Joining Mr Ditterich on the tour is cryptocurrency advisor Alex Saunders, who was recently named as Australia’s third “most influential blockchain pioneer” in an article by

The tour kicks off in Adelaide tomorrow (May 3), before heading to Perth, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. has been informed there will be FREE beer, wine, and nibbles at the Adelaide event, while Dr Jemma Green from Power Ledger will be a guest speaker in Perth. (Dr Green was Australian’s Number One “most influential blockchain pioneer” in the recent Micky article.)

More details about the Blockgrain roadshow are available at eventbrite

How to invest

The ICO began on April 24 and will continue until June 24.

The token, AGRI, can be purchased for $0.075 USD each. The minimum contribution is 0.5 ETH, while the maximum is 500 ETH.

For more details go to

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