The awaited ‘Abandoned’ gameplay trailer has been delayed

Fans of the upcoming and awaited title Abandoned will have to wait a little longer to witness its first-ever gameplay footage.

Developer Blue Box Game Studios recently posted on its Twitter account that Abandoned gameplay will now make its way on June 25.

‘Abandoned’ game details so far.

The open-world survival horror title will receive its maiden gameplay reveal later this week. Previously, it was about to get the clip mid-week, but now there is a slight delay.

There are already many rumors around Abandoned in terms of its relation to the Silent Hill series. Reports have claimed that it will be a new addition to the iconic horror franchise from Hideo Kojima.

As per director Hasan Kahraman, Abandoned will be a hyper-realistic open-world game. It will involve a very high-quality environment and gameplay that requires tactical thought.

Players will control Jason Longfield, trapped inside a forest without having an idea about he got there. While struggling to survive, he will also face many unknown, deadly threats in the wood.

There’s been an exciting promotion method for the Blue Box Game Studios’ strategy. Currently, it’s being hyped up as the Abandoned: Trailers app.

Coming onto the delay part then it has happened due to the localization issue.

The horror title has sparked rumors regarding its relation with Silent Hill is its similarity with Kojima Productions’ game.

One thing is sure that the upcoming title will be a great horror project.

Video games in 2021

While one section of the gaming fans is waiting for Abandoned, most of them are also looking forward to the fresh releases of the year.

The most-awaited and potential blockbusters, there will be names like Far Cry 6 and Deathloop.

Horizon Forbidden West, a new Call of Duty entry, New World, Scarlet Nexus, and Battlefield 2042 are also on the list.

However, the line-up extends even further with Back 4 Blood, Shadow Warrior 3, and Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Psychonauts 2, Cyber Shadow, The Ascent, Little Devil Inside, and Life Is Strange: True Colors are other crucial launches.

Some of the recently announced ambitious projects making their debut soon are Etched Memories and Glitchpunk.

Coming back to Abandoned, again, then it’s still in development and will release later in 2021 for PC and PS5.

What are your thoughts over the major games arriving this year? Are you already excited about them?

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Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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