‘The Batman’ has finally completed its shooting!

One of the highly-anticipated DC movies of next year, The Batman, has finally finished filming, director Matt Reeves confirmed the news.

In his recent tweet, the filmmaker made it public that The Batman is done with its shooting. The DC film stars Robert Pattinson as The Dark Knight, a.k.a., Bruce Wayne.

The project faced a considerable delay due to the pandemic last year.

‘The Batman’: Everything you need to know

Fans of Battinson can now feel a little positive since the movie has wrapped shooting.

Matt Reeves, on his Twitter, shared the news of The Batman completing its last day of filming. The tweet had a set photo of a clapperboard covered in a plastic bag. It mentioned that the final shot was filmed last Friday.

With this, the wait will get slightly decreased now because only the post-production work is left.

Before Reeves, however, Deadline had already confirmed that The Batman would finish by mid-March.

The story will be a fresh reboot of the character on a very different level.

It was made clear with the brief teaser in 2020’s DC FanDome virtual event. The clip showed that the movie would carry a dark, gruesome, and very action-packed atmosphere.

The majority of viewers loved the clip and are already hyped for the title.

Along with Pattinson, it also stars Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Collin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, and Jonah Hill.

Upcoming DC titles in the future

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. is preparing for a new series of DC-based installments in the coming years.

While 2021 will see the arrival of The Suicide Squad, the next two-three years are also packed with exciting entries.

Some of the most-awaited DC movies are The FlashBlack Adam, Shazam 2, and Aquaman 2. The latter is expected to start filming this summer.

However, the James Wan project is still surrounded by several uncertainties. Especially when it comes to its cast members, it’s still officially not announced whether Amber Heard will return for her Mera role.

This is after the controversy regarding the actress and Johnny Depp’s legal battle, which the former won. Since then, fans of Depp are demanding her exclusion from Aquaman 2.

But WB is yet to issue a word on this entire matter.

Moving further, then there are other DC films as well, currently in the works. At the end of last year, there revealed that Wonder Woman 3 is happening and will arrive soon.

A recent AT&T presentation also made it public that a Batgirl movie is also in the very early stages of development.

The Batman is set to make a theatrical debut in March 2022.


Image courtesy of ONE Media/YouTube Screenshot 

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