‘The Batman’ using ‘Mandalorian’ virtual techniques

The Batman movie is using The Mandalorian show’s virtual production techniques these days. The big news was just revealed on Tuesday.

‘The Batman’ is using ‘Mandalorian’ virtual techniques!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DC’s The Batman uses Mandalorian’s virtual techniques for its production.

The update was provided by Industrial Light & Magic’s Rob Bredow. He revealed it during the ongoing virtual VIEW confab.

Robert Pattinson’s flick is filming in the UK, and it is using Mandalorian‘s virtual tech for select scenes.

For those not knowing, virtual production refers to a technology for enabling real-time VFX in movie scenes.

It has become quite popular among filmmakers after Jon Favreau showcased it in The Lion King and The Mandalorian.

The Batman shooting delays and release date

Coming back to Batman‘s production then currently, the shooting is continuing in the UK. Recently, there were restrictions imposed in Liverpool that happens to be its set location.

Despite it being a Tier 3 city in terms of danger, local authorities have allowed filming.

Proper safety measures are also taken to prevent anyone from catching coronavirus.

Directed by Matt Reeves and distributed by Warner Bros, The Batman is facing a lot of issues since its shooting began. Most of the problem is due to the COVID-19, obviously.

The release date, confirmed initially for the film, was June 2021. But now it has been pushed to early 2022. That’s really a big impact on how the pandemic is affecting the entertainment industry.

Plus, the fans will have to wait a bit longer before seeing the new iteration of Batman on the big screen.

Another problem for this big-budget film is the closure of mostly all the theaters across the globe. Due to the virus, no one is willing to go outside and enjoy their favorite blockbuster.

DC movies delayed due to the COVID-19

When it comes to other DC properties slated for release, Wonder Woman 1984 is facing a full one-year delay.

Initially scheduled for December 2019, then pushed to June 2020, there’s no clear picture right now when it will arrive eventually.

Director Patty Jenkins has already expressed her concern over this.

No one is having clarity on how to tackle reopening theaters in the safest manner possible. Owners of historical and traditional cinema halls are facing problems with the global pandemic crisis.

Both Wonder Woman 1984 and The Batman are dealing with the big issue of managing the audience’s expectations.

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