The Beatles Paul McCartney reveals that he enjoys BTS

After several well-known artists revealing their appreciation for BTS, now the Beatles member Paul McCartney confessed that he likes the septet’s music!

The Beatles, the group of Paul McCartney, is one of the world’s well-known artists. They are also considered one of the greatest musical artists to exist in the history of boy bands. And for the 21st century, if there is a group that can be compared to them, it is the South Korean boy band BTS.

The Beatles enjoying BTS

This week, Paul McCartney appeared as a guest on Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes’ Apple podcast SmartLess.

The music legend, Paul McCartney, during the interview, was asked whether there were any current pop acts that he listens to because of that “true artistry” that the Beatles also had back in the day. The first artist that immediately came to the legendary musician’s mind is BTS.

Paul McCartney explained that it’s not really because of the music; it is for the fans. He shared that it’s about just seeing some young kids go through what they went through.

“BTS, the Korean guys. I like watching them and seeing what’s going on. They are good.” The music legend added, “I couldn’t sing one of their songs, but I like them.”

BTS’s reaction to the comparison

Fans and media outlets compared BTS to the English boy band that ruled in the 1960s during their attendance in the Wall Street Journal’s 10th Annual Innovators Award. At the awarding ceremony, the group was given the 2020 music innovator award, and the group reacted to the comparison.

The BTS leader, RM, expressed that they’ve never been like the Beatles or even, like, more than them. He continued that they’re just like seven normal kids who love music and performance. He added that just like the normal kids, they dream of giving hope and love and positive energy and inspiration to the world’s people.


Image courtesy of Debby Wong/Shutterstock

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