The best artifacts in ‘Minecraft Dungeons’ and how to get them

There are lots of armor and weapons to collect in Minecraft Dungeons, and some are more valuable than the others. Of all the things that players can collect, what they should with for most are the Artifacts.

Artifacts are special pieces of equipment in Minecraft Dungeons that not only provide a stat boost, they also provide a certain skill that players can equip and use. There are many Artifacts to find and collect, but these are the best ones so far.

Wind Horn

Mobs aren’t usually a problem in the game, but if players get swarmed, then they mostly fall in battle. This is what makes the Wind Horn so special. The Artifact possesses a powerful ability that allows players to push back groups of enemies at least five blocks away.

It’s a good skill to have in hand once players bite off more than they can chew.

Flaming Quiver

A lot of players prefer staying afar from enemies by using a bow and arrow. One Artifact that these players should have is the Flaming Quiver. Each arrow shot with this equipped provides players with extra burning damage to enemies. This is a great way to easily chip away the health of some of the durable bosses in the game.

Fireworks Arrow

Another great Artifact for bow specialists is the Fireworks Arrow. As the name suggests, this skill turns any arrow thrown by a player into an explosive that deals heavy damage. Another great trait of this artifact is that it can stack with other bonuses in Minecraft Dungeons so players can fire off more than one arrow at a time.

Golem Kit

The Golem Kit allows the player to spawn an Iron Golem to aid them in battle. Iron Golems are not only sturdy, but they also deal heavy damage to mobs in the game. This is a great Artifact to have for those that summon other familiars in the game.

Love Medallion

The Love Medallion simply turns mobs against their allies temporarily. Again, this is a useful skill for those tight situations in which players are getting outnumbered by the mobs in the game.

Best way to get Artifacts

As with Unique weapons, the best way to get Artifacts is by simply going back to previous dungeons. Artifacts can be enemy drops as well as loot found in treasure boxes. The good thing is that these aren’t as rare as Unique weapons.

These are some of the best Artifacts we’ve found in Minecraft Dungeons so far. We’re sure that there are countless others to be discovered.


Images used courtesy of Microsoft/YouTube

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