Best loadouts in ‘Call of Duty Warzone’

Call of Duty Warzone features a huge arsenal of weapons and perks to choose from. It’s not enough for players to be skilled a shooting, it’s also a must for players to know which loadouts are the best in the battle royale.

Loadouts are essential builds comprising of weapons, perks, and killstreaks in Call of Duty WarzoneIt’s important for players to get themselves well acquainted with the loadouts in the game as the more they are comfortable with it, the better their performance will be.

While familiarity goes a long way in the game, there are some loadouts that players should try to practice and master no matter what.


The M41A is not only the best assault rifle in the game; it’s the best gun in the game period. The weapon boasts high accuracy, damage, and rate of fire. It’s handling rating is not at the top, but the weapon is still easy to manage. Players can equip this with any short to mid-ranged scope, and they can take out enemies from afar.

In terms of secondary partners, we highly suggest partnering the M41A with a short-ranged weapon as this assault rifle may be a bit tough at closer distances. That being said, shotguns or even the MP5 are great complements to the M41A.

Bruen MK9

The Bruen MK9 LMG is one of the latest weapons to be added to the game. It has equally balanced stats, but it does suffer from a low handling rate. When upgrading the weapon at the weaponsmith, players can change their barrel to pick prioritizing either range or rate of fire.

As the Bruen MK9 is already fast, we suggest equipping it with a barrel that adds range to the weapon. Equip it with a mid-range scope, and players can dominate Call of Duty Warzone easily.


When it comes to handling, recoil, and rate of fire, players should arguably consider the M13 assault rifle. It has top stats in those three categories, making it one of the easier guns to control in the game.

The M13 is best up close so players can take full advantage of its handling and rate of fire. Partner this with a knife or any other short-ranged primary, and players can get to the top in an instant.

There are countless possible loadouts in Call of Duty Warzonebut these ones are arguably the best so far. If players master these loadouts, they can win more games.


Image used courtesy of Call of Duty/YouTube

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