The best PC games in every genre for 2020

Best PC Games for every genre this 2020

This year has been great for gamers with plenty of choices ranging from triple-A titles such as The Witcher 3 to smaller independent titles like Disco Elysium.

With so many great choices, choosing which game to play can be difficult. Steam and Epic Games makes the choice even more challenging because of the vast game libraries that both curators offer.

To make your game selection process a little easier, here are some of the best games available on PC today.

First-person shooter: Doom Eternal (AUD $99)

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Bethesda’s Doom Eternal takes the spot for the best FPS shooter this year. This game incorporates all of the best features of any FPS game right from the get-go.

The graphics are stunning and the game runs smoothly with a very minimal stutter which brings joy to any FPS lover out there.

Doom Eternal is still the nasty and gory demon-slaying shoot-to-kill title gamers love. But this time, it takes into consideration the game’s narrative for single players, which is usually thrown under the bus for shooter games.

The newer game modes, better combat mechanics, and the addition of a great multiplayer mode brings this game to the top and makes the money spent worth it.

Doom Eternal is available on PC through Steam and Bethesda, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Role-playing game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (AUD $50)

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CD Projekt Red hit the jackpot when it released The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt back in 2015. The game has been out for five years yet it has aged like fine wine.

It continues to be one of the most suggested action role-playing games available.

The game follows the story of Geralt of Riva, a monster hunter with a mission to find the child of prophecy. The Witcher 3 is set in a vast open-world that allows the player to explore several cities, pirate islands, mountains, caves and a whole lot more.

The content of the game is some of the best in this genre. Unlike Assassin’s Creed, the developers put a lot of effort into every detail in the game.

The side quests are amazing and there are also quests that expand the storyline to make it even better.

If there is one gripe about this game, it might be the combat aspect. Sometimes playing the game makes it look sluggish compared to other action games such as Devil May Cry or Bloodborne. 

Not that it is bad, it just feels like there is more stuff that CD Projekt Red could have done.

Online battle-royale: Apex Legends (Free)

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Last year, Apex Legends took the battle-royale genre by storm. This fast-paced shooting game carried over the excellent mechanics from Titanfall and offered a breath of fresh air to the Fortnite-dominated genre.

One of the best things that welcome a new player upon starting Apex Legends is the uniqueness of each character available. Unlike Epic’s BR offering and PlayerUnknown’s  Battlegrounds, each “Legend” has a unique set of abilities that may help win the game.

Legends can “synergize” with one another to create the best skill compatibility available.

Respawn’s BR introduced the best implementation of the ping system so far. When playing with random people, one ping offers a lot of communication options such as enemy location, supply bin locations or if an enemy has passed through an area.

Call of Duty: Warzone arrived recently with an introduction of a new revive mechanics. However, Apex Legends still has the edge due to its fast-paced playstyle and unique game features.

Indie game: Disco Elysium (AUD $55)

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Disco Elysium is one of the most decorated games this year. It took home the “Best Debut Game”, “Best Music” and the “Best Narrative”  at the recently concluded BAFTA Game Awards 2020. It also won PC Gamer’s “Game of the Year” award last year.

Disco Elysium is the best role-playing game released in the past few years. It follows the story of a detective and relies on the player’s choices for its development.

Contrary to other combat-based RPGs like The Witcher 3, this game focuses on character development and customization through dialogue.

The best aspect of Disco Elysium that makes it so great is the excellent and well-written storyline. The unique retro setting is just the icing on the cake in terms of the game’s depth.

Featured image courtesy of  hitesh choudhary /Pexels

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