The best villain of ‘Resident Evil Village’ is not Lady Dimitrescu


In the most recent Resident Evil Village, it’s unquestionable that the best villain is not the risque Lady Dimitrescu, but rather the magnetic Heisenberg.

Resident Evil Village has been out for some time, and its villains are some of the franchise best in recent memory. The poster child of the hype was, by far, the classy but “thicc” vampire Alcina Dimitrescu.

For those who’ve seen the game, Heisenberg is the more compelling villain. This Nicolas Cage-esque master of magnetism was not only over the top. He also had a backstory worth the read.

Karl Heisenberg offers the best of Resident Evil

In the most recent Resident Evil iteration, RE7 main character Ethan Winters is on a mission to rescue his baby daughter, Rose. To get her back, he had to pass not only through hordes of lycans but bosses known as the Four Lords.

The Four Lords were traditional representatives of the four horror monsters of literature. Among them was the vampire, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, the “mummy” Donna Beneviento, the fish monster Salvatore Moreau, and the “Frankenstein monster”, Karl Heisenberg.

Capcom featured the 9-foot tall vampire lady, much to everyone’s delight. Thirst-trap aside, Heisenberg was the best representation of what the game brings. His level is difficult and horrific, showing body horror at its most visceral form.

What made the stamp about this magnetic monster, however, are his cutscenes. Every part of the story he involved himself showed a cacophonic and terrifying over-the-top personality.

Heisenberg brings crazy energy into RE Village

Karl Heisenberg of the Resident Evil Village embodied the dissonance brought by characters like Albert Wesker, Ramon Salazar, and even Nemesis. They are personable in their own way, but carries a burden that doesn’t make them bland.

In Heisenberg’s case, he is an unholy mixture of man, monster, and machine. His abduction by Mother Miranda in his youth created searing hatred in him. Furthermore, he was also not seeking Miranda’s approval or control, but vengeance against his benefactor.

Heisenberg as a character had personality. He was bold and brash in a Nicolas Cage-esque manner that can terrorize players. It’s not the type of psychological horror fans expect, but rather a humanized approach to monstrosity.

He felt like every man, and there is conviction in his every line. Some may feel that Heisenberg is funny and talks a lot at times. Even then, he surprises players with how complicated he can be, regardless of how adamant his convictions are.

Resident Evil Village is a classic, franchise-defining title worthy of a lot of playthroughs. Players who reach Heisenberg will understand why he is one of the best characters the game ever produced.

Featured image courtesy of Resident Evil/Youtube Screenshot

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