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The best weapons and gear in ‘Destroy All Humans!’


Destroy All Humans! is a fun addition to 2020’s list of amazing released despite it being a remake. Krypto’s adventures are sure to be a hit on current-gen consoles, and those who’ve played the original games are more than excited.

Destroy All Humans! is often considered as a Grand Theft Auto clone. People shouldn’t be mistaken, though, as the game has a ton of differences that set it apart from others. As an alien from an invading planet, Krypto comes with various weapons and gear. Here are the best ones in the game.


The jetpack is one of Krypto’s main way to get around aside from his spaceship. The jetpack allows him to hover into the air to get atop high buildings and other hard to reach areas. In combat, the jetpack lets Krypto zoom in and out of the enemy’s line of sight, making it a useful tool to avoid bullets.


Of course, it wouldn’t be an alien invader game without a UFO. In the game, Krypto can unlock and discover hidden landing spots on the map. He can place the UFO there whenever he pleases.

The UFO comes with a powerful laser than can decimate even tanks. It can also be used to abduct humans and other living creatures. If the combat gets too tough, the UFO can turn on an invisibility cloak temporarily.


The Disclocator is one of the unique weapons in Destroy All Humans! When used, the gun fires a limited amount of discs that attaches itself to the target. The target will then be flung away, often being dropped when the distance is high. If multiple discs are attached to a target, it can also be flown away. This means even tanks can be carried by it.


The Zap-O-Matic is the basic weapon at Krypto’s disposal. It fires bolts of lightning that can take out enemies quickly. If players continuously upgrade this weapon, they’ll be able to have a great means to take out basic policemen and other enemies. Since this is Krypto’s basic weapon, it’s a must that players master using this.

Destroy All Humans! launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this July 28. The remastered version will come with upgraded visuals and performance. There is also some newly added content that wasn’t present in the original, so even those that played before can enjoy something new.

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