The Bitcoin bags held by Australia’s publicly listed companies

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Over the past few years the number of Australian publicly listed companies venturing into the cryptocurrency sector has increased dramatically, but just a few are showing cryptocurrency holdings on their balance sheets.


Blockchain advisory company, DigitalX (DCC), has the biggest Bitcoin holding of any company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

In January, the company reported a balance of 431.42 Bitcoin, worth approximately US$1,626,474 based on today’s Bitcoin price.

Digital X also reported altcoin holdings worth US$112,785, while it says the value of its unlisted cryptocurrency investments is US$422,165.

First Growth Funds

Blockchain investment company, First Growth Funds (FGF), also says it has over one million dollars worth of cryptocurrency, however, in its reports the company is less specific about the holdings.

In January, FGF said the ‘cost value’ of its cryptocurrency holdings is AU$1.2m, down from the $3.18m reported in the previous quarter.

FGF could soon be responsible for much more cryptocurrency, the company recently announced its developing a boutique cryptocurrency bank.

FatFish Blockchain

FatFish Blockchain (FFG) owns 51% of Minerium, a crypto mining company with mining operations in Malaysia and Mongolia.

Last year, Micky reported the crypto mining operation was initially producing two Bitcoin and eight Ethereum per week.

In its most recently quarterly report, FatFish commented on the mining business.

“Cryptocurrency prices have generally fallen to a lower range, making it a challenging business environment for Minerium. Nevertheless, Minerium continues to mine cryptocurrency, while waiting for an improvement in the business environment that it operates in,” the report says.

FFG reported cryptocurrency sales worth AU$426,00 for 2018, but it’s unclear how much crypto its part-owned mining company holds.

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