‘The Blacklist’ fans think Liz is Red’s top blacklister

'The Blacklist' fans think Liz is Red's top blacklister

Fans of “The Blacklist” reportedly find this theory convincing.

Fans have always theorized a lot of things in their respective favorite series. Just like most television materials these days, The Blacklist also comes with a lot of theories and speculations.

But, among all these thoughts, there is one that has convinced the majority of the viewers as possibly true, according to Cheat Sheet. As stated, this has to do with the entire theme of the series.

The Blacklist in a nutshell

James Spader’s character as Raymond “Red” Reddington on The Blacklist is a high-profile criminal. He voluntarily surrendered to the FBI after decades of eluding from the law.

In the interrogation as to why he surrendered, he shared that he has a “list” of the world’s most dangerous individuals. As explained, he has compiled the names and information about them over the years.

Red then told the FBI that he is willing to cooperate and reveal the names on his list in exchange for immunity. He has one condition, though, and that is, he only speaks to Elizabeth “Liz” Keen.

The Blacklist in a nutshell

Red’s list of criminals

Reddington refers to his list as “the blacklist,” hence the title. Since the pilot season, every episode features one name from the list, alongside their “number” on the list.

It remains unclear as to how Reddington numbered them. But, in the course of the show, he gives a name and the number in random order.

Several fan pages and platforms seemingly believe that he has over 200 names on his list. However, there are still a few numbers on the list that he has not named yet. These include the first and second spots.

The fans’ theory about the first spot

Following The Blacklist Season 7’s finale, many are convinced that Elizabeth Keen is Red’s number one on the list. Reports then noted that throughout the latest season, Red has seemingly prepared himself for Liz’s shift of allegiance from him to her mother, Katarina Rostova. This is why avid viewers and followers of the show reportedly agree to this theory.

Despite the huge possibility, there are also some fans who do not think that this is possible. As asserted, there are tons of individuals on the list that are far more talented and skillful. She is “nothing on par” with the other blacklisters, one fan said.

While many are already eager to know who takes Red’s top spot on the list, fans and viewers may need to wait a little longer. The Blacklist Season 8 is yet to arrive, and it is reportedly unlikely that the show will end in this installment.


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